The Krag

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The Krag
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Nationality: Kingdom of Norland
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The Krag was a previous capital of the Kingdom of Norland, known as the strongest fortress ever made in history, having defeated two sieges from the Dwarven Military during the War of Grudges, Many songs have been sung of the Norlandic victory in the Krag and numerous paintings were crafted and hung in the Grand Hall of Vjorhelm, Ruriksgrad, and Nordengrad. The Krag was built under the rule of Artyom Eiriksson Ruric, who re-established the Kingdom of Norland after a long period of conflict with the Holy Orenian Empire. Artyom led his people to the west of Tahn to settle upon an island which became host to The Krag.


After witnessing the destruction of their homes, the remaining Norlandic peoples under the banner of Ser Hakon Ruric embarked upon the NSS Hervor and departed the ruined realm of Vailor with the rest of the Descendants. After several months at sea, the Descendants finally emerged through the other side of the portal, marking their entry into the realm of Axios.

The Norlandic peoples, being no stranger to seafaring, expertly navigated their ship along the western coast of the southern continent of Asul. Within moments, they made landfall, and with their Dreadlandic brethren, immediately set about the construction of an immense stone fortress, one that would come to be known as Fort Dunamis, in honor of the famed mercenary company that had gained much renown during the period upon Vailor. For several years, the Norlandic people, under the Principality of the Dreadlands, continued the war against the Holy Orenian Empire. During the early stages of the war, there were several border skirmishes and encounters upon the plains near Johannesburg, with the Dreadlandic forces claiming much success. However, no ground was able to be gained, on any front of the war. The war would then devolve into the use of Fort Dunamis as a base of operations to launch raids upon the northern continent of Tahn. Eventually, as the Holy Orenian Empire began plans for an invasion of the Isle of Asul, the Principality would then dissolve due to internal strife. Afterwards, the Norlandic peoples with no home of their own fled into the thick forests of Northern Asul.

For several years, the Norlandic peoples remained in hiding in the Asulian Forest. When they had received word that King Tobias of Courland was rallying support from Courlandic sympathizers and refugees, the Norlandic peoples joined the frey, once more taking the fight to the Empire. After several years and when the dust settled, the Norlandic peoples had fought and earned their right to be a sovereign nation once more. Artyom Ruric proclaimed himself King of Norland and Chieftain of the Norlandic peoples and led his people in a mass exodus to the west of Tahn. There, they settled upon the longest island of the offshore archipelago, naming their capital the Krag


The Krag stood as an island fortress that jutted hundreds of meters above sea level. Separating it from the mainland was a wide ravine littered with jagged rocks and carnivorous sea beasts at the bottom. The only entrance to the Krag was a wooden rope bridge.


Who is running the city? Is it part of a bigger nation?


Does the city have a specific culture?