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Royal City of Varhelm
Capital City
The docks of Varhelm
Nicknames: None
Country: Kingdom of Norland
Founded: 13th of the Deep Cold, 0 SA
Religion: The Red Faith
Government: Theocratic Quasi-Hereditary Monarchy
Duke: Vane Freysson Ruric
Governing Body: Clansmoot
Chamberlain: Eleonore O’Hara
Currency: Norlandic Mark
Population: 50,000
Previous Capital: Morsgrad
Languages: Common, Old Norlandic, Lakian, Jalfmarr'tal, Agnesa

The city of Varhelm is the capital of the Kingdom of Norland in Nyrheim/Almaris and serves as the primary governmental, military, and economic center. It is found at the centre of the Kingdom of Norland, Northwest of the Cloud Temple. Within the city, the Hearth Temple stands as the physical and spiritual centre of the Red Faith.



The city is coastal, and sited on rather uneven ground.


What is the general style and appearance of the city?


The government of Varhelm is synonymous with rule of the Kingdom of Norland. It is a centralized realm with the King acting as the head of state, and High Keeper of the Red Faith acting as chief judiciary, and both acting as lawmakers. Further positions charged with rule of the city are the Hand of the King and the Master of Keys.


The primary culture of Varhelm is Norlandic, as that is the majority population. At various points since it's founding, there have also been large numbers of other cultures, such as Hyspians.