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As the Descendants trail throughout the various Realms of our world, a great number of Kingdoms, Empires, Republics and Federations have graced and cursed the land they have raised their walls around. Many, to this day, still stand stalwart against the tides of the sea. Having fallen and risen from the ashes time and time again, these homes have stood against the test of time. To their merit, further civilizations have embraced the morning's warmth, and seek to provide unique and never-seen-before cultural concepts and ideas.

The lists below are broken into two sections: Current Nations, and Current Major Settlements. A Major Settlement is a community of an appropriate size, one that has reached independence or established itself most recent became self-sufficient, and a Nation is a civilization with the respective title and influence over a larger group of communities.

Should you note any inaccuracies, please contact a member of the Community Team to have corrections made. However, if you want your independent nation or settlement added please provide us with proper information.

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, known as the Kingdom of Haense or simply Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Raevir: Henzij), is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense (especially Haeseni, but also Batavians, Raevir, and Norlanders) and the state claims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its current capital is Reza, one of the largest human cities in Arcas, which is situated in the south of the kingdom and surrounded by the Haeseni lowlands. Excluding the dense urban area of the capital, the rest of the nation is mostly rural with its denizens spread out across the forests and highlands.

Current Leader: Karl III, King of Hanseti & Ruska
Haense Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Norland is a theocratic quasi-hereditary monarchial kingdom ruled by a King or Queen who is of the divine Rurikkid lineage. Norlandic monarches are elected via tanistry by the heads of the three royal families of the Kingdom, Edvardsson, Eiriksson, and Freysson, all of whom descend from the holy figure, Thoromir Armahnk Ruricsson, 'The Herald'. However, the religion of the Norlandic peoples, known as the 'Red Faith', plays a heavy role in this affair; where the High Keeper acts a mediator and 'speaker' of their god, the All-Father, crowning whoever is deemed fit to sit upon the Ashwood Throne.

Notably, unlike other Human realms, Norland does practice the faith of the Canon but adheres to entirely different doctrine and professes belief in a seperate deity known as: The All-Father, The Father, The Red-Lord, The Red-God. It is a religion heavily steeped in mysticism and supernatural beliefs, with a heavy emphasis on honor, courage, and duty. Likley the most famed trait of the All-Father's followers is their disgust and hatred of magic, believing such to be likely one of the most vile, damnable things one might partake of.

Highlanders are the primary residents of the Kingdom, with those who are ethnically native to the Kingdom known as 'Narvaukiaans'. Yet, Norland finds itself to be the chosen home of many Elves; High Elf, Snow Elf, and Wood Elf, with these racial groups even having notable and famed families within the Kingdom, such as Volaren and Drakon.

Current Leader: Ellenore, High Keeper
Norland Settlement Guide

The United Kingdom of Aaun is a primally human nation consisting of Humans and Heartlanders. The United Kingdom of Aaun was founded after the fall of the Harvest confederacy. The official state religion is the Holy Canonist Church, however, Many Owynists reside there. Governed by the King of Aaun, Charles I, the United Kingdom of Aaun encompasses a very diverse realm. It is situated along the center of the continent composed of the heartlands.

Current Leader: Charles I, King of Aaun
United Kingdom of Aaun

TThe Kingdom of Balian is a human settlement that exists on the southern tropics of Aevos. It was founded out of the remains of the Imperialist faction by Prince John Casimir after the devastating Brothers' War. It stands as a human nation, and as such, revolves around the culture of mankind. It has a storied history with war, dragonslaying and internal strife yet as remained stalwart since it's foundation. Despite it's Orenian forefathers, the Kingdom has formed it's own culture informed by Rhenyari, Ba'as and local influences.

Current Leader: Sybille I, Queen of Balian

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is a constitutional monarchy primarily ruled by an individual known as the Grand King. Being the sole nation of the Dwarven people, Urguan has continuously been a bustling hub of dwarven goods, knowledge, culture, and religion. While not an enforced practice, the Brathmordakin is the religion of the land, seeing all Dwarves inhabiting Urguan following its teachings. The current capital city on the Realm of Almaris is Kal'Darakaan, meaning City of Ancient Might in the common tongue. Originally settled centuries ago by the ancient Dwarves, the expert craftsmanship left the city is almost pristine condition, allowing the newcomers to the land to settle there quickly. Outside of the capital hold, Hefrumm, the village of the Forest Dwarves, is the only other major hold within Urguan's lands.

Current Leader: Bakir Ireheart, Grand King of Urguan
Urguan Settlement Guide

Celia'nor, meaning "Starland" in ancient elven is a nation of miltartistic High Elves. Founded by Ivarielle Ibarellan, they large opppose the more traditionalist and purist High Elven ideals by having forged their own culture that has already lasted for more than 130 years.

Current Leader: Illthrak Ibarellan

Nevaehlen is a settlement mostly comprised of Wood Elves, located on an island to the west of Aevos in the Heaven's Peak mountain range. Home to the Father Circle, the druids of Nevaehlen enjoy living among nature and have reclaimed the ruins of Talar'nor, and now dwell in its recycled foundations.

Current Leader: Dyonne Alusa

Krugmar is the home to the world's Orcs and is founded on Krug's Code which deems that "Might makes right." This means that all disputes and political affairs are settled in the arena by a klomp, or a duel. The orcs speak their own dialect of common known as "The Blah" and they worship The Spirits who represent the elements, ancestors, and parts of culture such as hunting. They often demand a tribute from visitors and are eager to take sides in a war so as to sate their curse of blood lust. Clans make up the nation, each clan having their own culture and unique members, and any Orc is expected to find a clan that they will stay with for the duration of their entire life.

Current Leader: Ar-Borok'Akaal, Rex of Krugmar
Krugmar Settlement Guide

The Crown of Amathea, formerly known as Elvenesse, is a constitutional monarchy and one of the realms of the elves upon the continent of Almaris. Ruled by its head-of-state, the Prince, and administered by a bicameral council, the nation models itself as a united realm for all descendants of Malin and a successor state to the ancient Holy Princedom of Malinor. It hosts the largest population of Wood Elves on the continent, as well as a sizable populace of sea elves and dark elves. Encompassing the eastern tip of the temperate western peninsula known as the Arm of Malin, its capital city of Amaethea is situated between the coast and the Orcocarne mountain range, serving as a bustling center for seafaring, trade, and, craftsmanship. The enshrined state religion of Elvenesse is the Wild Faith (Elnarnsae'ame), which promotes the ritual worship of the Aspects, Cernunnos, and, Cerridwen.

• Current Leader: Acanthus Daesmon, Prince Royarch of Amathea •

The Commonwealth of the Petra is a Republic led by a knightly order with ideals that formed its capital in Valfleur, in the center of the Petra River Valley. Its foundation began with the Burning of Garmont, an act by the King of Oren during the Harvest Revolution. This resulted in the creation of a meritocratic republic that required knighthood to rise to the highest offices, although its foundational constitution would not be published until the next year in 1883. While originally a member state of the Harvest Confederation, the Harvest's dissolution in 1892 led to the inadvertent independence of the republic.

Current Leader: Catherine I., Queen of the Petra
Petra Settlement Guide

The elective sovereignty of Vortice is a nation based within the clouds. The main city is called "Talon's Roost" due to the citizens being so high up on the karsts they call home. Much like their past cities, they have a port side housing, docks, and is a safe place for all that wish to call the nation home. The citizenship is considered to be mixed race, though the nation is predominantly inhabited by elves, with several other races living within its cities.

Current Leader: Lenora Jusmia
The Unified Domain of Vortice

The remnants of Old-Sutica, founded their new city once more in a similar location as Sutica once stood, giving way to a more unique way of living in general as one interacts with constructs and strange individuals. Often plenty to do and a bit inquisitive, but never afraid to share a laugh with another person that dares to come around more than once.

Current Leader: Lumia Uialben

The Silver State of Haelun'or, or simply Haelun'or is a state of High Elves. Established in early Asulon by Ellir'siol and Dio Astóre, it was built on the ruins of an ancient Elven nation that predated the arrival of the descendant races following the Fall of Aegis. The Citizenry is guided by the principle of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya (defined as Progress and Health), laid out by Larihei, an ancient leader of the High Elves who is adored and upheld as the epitome of purity. The Eternal Library serves as the bastion of knowledge for the state, comprising the largest collection on the continent and a history of its own almost as old as the High Elves.

Current Leader: Sohaer Theveus Sythaerin
Haelun’or Settlement Guide

The Principality of Nor’Asath of a settlement comprising mainly of Dark Elves on the eastern part of Almaris. It is currently the home of the Dark Elves and comprises most of their population.

Current Leader: Primarch of Nor’Asath, Netseth Loa'Chil

The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil (Adunic: Númenaranyë) is a kingdom and nation rising with the lands of Aevos. The culture and histories of the inhabitants, known as the Númenedain, rise from the long-lost culture of Idunia and have partially homogenized with the culture and histories of the more modern Humans. The kingdom is home to Descendants of all races but is the primary home of the Adunian.

Current Leader: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor, King of the Adunians

The Viceroyalty of Hyspia, also called Hyspia, is a Farfolk nation which follows an absolute hereditary monarchy style of government. Hyspia is inhabited by Hyspians and other Farfolk cultures. Unlike a handful of its neighbors, Hyspia remains faithful to the Church of the Canon as its official religion. The Hyspian culture and geography is centered around a more tropical and arid climate. Its people are l more accustomed to warmer weathers of the sands and the Emberglades. The Rio de Zafiro (Sapphire River) provides the main source of water, crops and nourishment to the Hyspian population amidst the arid climates of the south.

Current Leader: Viceroy Cesar Pelear II

Kingdom of Vikela, the city of crystals. Vikela was built on from the foundation of a war torn city. With Vikela Meaning the sword that swings. Located in the jungle plateau, this copper , stone and crystal city prides its self on diversity and community. With its main population coming from elves and humans.

Current Leader: Queen Medea I.

The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil (Adunic: Númenaranyë) is a kingdom and nation rising with the lands of Aevos. The culture and histories of the inhabitants, known as the Númenedain, rise from the long-lost culture of Idunia and have partially homogenized with the culture and histories of the more modern Humans. The kingdom is home to Descendants of all races but is the primary home of the Adunian.

Current Leader: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor, King of the Adunians

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