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The Princedom of Elvenesse
elf sigil.png
Elvenesse Coat of Arms
Capital: Amaethea
Languages: Common
Ancient Elven
Religion: The Wild Faith
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
High Prince: Evar'tir Oranor
Lord Marshal: Galan Brylynn
Head Steward: Syllana Brylynn

The Princedom of Elvenesse, or simply Elvenesse (Ancient Elven: Marmali'nor) is the eminent realm of Elves upon the continent of Almaris, situated upon the temperate western peninsula known as the Arm of Malin. The heartland of the nation is held within the enclosing ring of the Orocarne Range, a natural defensive encirclement of mountains that protect the capital city Amaethea. Further west is the forest of Dorthonion, in which is hidden the secret village of the halflings, Bramblebury.

Modelling itself as a united realm for all descendants of Malin and a spiritual successor state to the ancient Holy Princedom of Malinor, Elvenesse hosts the largest population of Wood Elves upon the continent, as well as a sizable populace of Sea Elves and Dark Elves.

The nation is a direct successor to the Principality of Aegrothond from which it takes its name Crown of Elvenesse. The nation was founded again in Almaris by former High Prince Fëanor Sylvaeri to signify the union of Aegrothond and the Matriarchy of Siramenor as a single entity. Following his abdication and retirement, Evar'tir Oranor was crowned High Prince, and has led the Princedom since.