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Commonwealth of the Petra

The Commonwealth of the Petra is a republic guided by its knightly order and values, with its capital at Valfleur, in the Petra River Valley's heart. A meritocratic republic in which knighthood was essential for advancement to the highest posts, albeit its basic constitution would not be issued until the following year, in 1883.

Current Leader: Renilde Helena, Archduchess of the Petra •

Notable Locations and Information
  • Valfleur
The capital city of the Commonwealth of Petra
  • Castle Moere
Once home to the Archducal family before being given to the military to aid in their growth. It now is home to the Marked Men who protect the Petrans from evil spawn.
Peak Times:  NOONTIME EST to like 11 PM EST.
Culture and Religion The Commonwealth of Petra adheres to Canonism, specifically via the Canonist Church - though Owynism is oft-represented among its peasantry, a holdover from previous regimes. It has oft been a site of visits from not only the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church, highly celebrated and welcomed by the fervent populace, but also of the High Pontiff himself - with the re-consecration of the Chapel of Saint Emma of Woldzmir overseen by the Holy See itself.