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The Kingdom of Haense

The Dual Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska, or more commonly refered to as just, The Kingdom of Haense, is a nation that lies within the northern most parts of Almaris. The nation is ruled by a king (of course). This king has always been of the Barbonov bloodline throughout the entirety of its existence. While the king rules with ultimate authority within Haense, it does have a somewhat constitutional monarchy in which he is advised by a council of Eight members that oversee their respective sects of the government. This Aulic Council is composed of people who have been chosen because of their ability to organize, lead, and cultivate community within the kingdom. The Royal City of Karosgrad serves as the current capital of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and is the seat of the dual Crown.

Current Leader: Karl III of Haense

Peak Times  Haense has a very mixed variety of players but most common time zones is EST and GMT. With its peak time between 03 pm to 07 pm EST during weekdays and during weekends, the range would be from 02 pm to 9 pm EST as a peak. Although you can find splattered activity throughout the day.
Notable Information

Notable Locations

Tavern ~ The new tavern in Karosgrad is something to marvel out. The Old Stout Crow Pub is filled with joyful spirits and a warm fire place in the dining area of it.

Docks ~ Docks are an essential to a bustling city. Haense has one which is a excellent fishing spot and an even better view of the lake right outside the Royal Capital to the South.

Current Leadership

List of Leaders in Haense

Karl III His Royal Majesty, Karl III Sigmar, King of Hanseti-Ruska. Leads the Kingdom and heads the Aulic Council.

Amadea of Susa Her Royal Majesty, Amadea of Susa, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska. Serves and helps lead the Kingdom and heads the Queen's council.

Isabel Baruch ~ The Lady Palatine of the Kingdom. Heads the government and oversees the affairs of the realm and serves as the highest power second only to the sovereign.

Maric Ruthern-Baruch ~ The Lord Speaker of the Kingdom. Oversees the legislative sector of the kingdom.

Vactant ~ The Lord Marshal of the Kingdom. Oversees the armies of Haense as well as the training of new recruits and officers.

Ser Reinhardt Barclay The Knight Paramount of the Kingdom. Oversees the training and advancement of the Knights in the Kingdom.

Matyas Baruch The Lord Envoy of the Kingdom. Serves as a supervisor for all the ambassadors of Haense and heads all international relations and affairs.

Ser Grigori Vyronov The Lord Treasurer of the Kingdom. Oversees finances for the government and kingdom.

Georgina Barclay The Grand Lady of the Kingdom. Oversees ranking of those who enforce etiquette throughout the courts.

Iulius Vernhart The Komptroller of Settlement. Oversees all new citizens for the crown and tasked with integrating them smoothly into society.


The Kingdom is defended by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, an order dedicated to serving and protecting the Highlander realm. Within the Brotherhood exist three separate chapters: the infantry Chapter of the Crow, the cavalry Chapter of the Destrier, and the elite heavy infantry Chapter of the Black Cross responsible for the protection of the royal family. The Brotherhood accepts men and women who have reached the minimum age of 14 and provides lodging, equipment, and combat training to all recruits. Non-humans are also accepted into the Brotherhood.


Glory! Honor! Loyalty! Chivalry! These are all things that allow a Knight of Haense to thrive. Being a Haeseni knight offers a fantastic roleplay opportunity filled with crazy and epic adventures you could imagine. In order to join the Order of the Crow, one must prove their worth as a squire. They will go through multiple trials and quests to show that they are ready to protect the kingdom in an official capacity. A knights purpose is to battle anything that wishes to terrorize the peoples of Haense as well as fight against those who try to harm the royal family, knights are here to protect the realm. Seen as some of the fierces and boldest warriors in the lands, being a crow knight leads to respect amongst others of the kingdom. Marian Knight, similar to crow knights, are hand picked by the king himself and specifically tasked with protecting him and his family,


The Kingdom of Haense is a fully Canonist nation, having its own Patriarchate, with Archdiocese and Dioceses assigned to it by the High Pontiff. The Kingdom of Haense is being encompassed by the Patriarch, who is in the clergy together with his Bishops and other clergymen. However, all people are welcome within the Kingdom and its borders, with the opportunity present for non-humans to rise among the ranks of government and military alike. (See: Ecthallion)

Current Patriarch: Katerina Matriarch Jorenus