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Kingdom of Norland

The city of Alisgrad is the current capital of the Kingdom of Norland and serves as the primary government, military, and economic center. Found within the Kingdom of Norland, North of the Cloud Temple, the Hearth Temple stands which acts as the center of the Red Faith. The Kingdom of Norland houses a large Norlandic and Rathonians population.

Current Leader: Odin Freysson Ruric, King of Norland

Notable Information Government ~ The government of the Kingdom of Norland is a centralized feudal Kingdom with multiple vassal states which mostly govern themselves with the King acting as the head of state and High Keeper of the Red Faith acting as chief judiciary, and both acting as lawmakers. The law of succession in regards to the title of King of Norland is decided by rite of Kingsmoot, where any male of Ruric blood may be nominated and voted on by the three chieftains of the main Ruric houses.

Ashwood Tree ~ The Ashwood Tree is often the centerpiece of all Norlandic capital cities. Used as the symbol of House Ruric, it is considered a very important and protected landmark for the Kingdom.

Kneeling and Bowing ~ Both bowing and kneeling are considered taboo within Norland, Culturally all people in Norland are considered equal regardless of rank or title, and bowing or kneeling before someone is considered to be accepting them as greater than everyone else, and within Norlandic culture, the only figure considered worthy of being called greater is the All-Father.

Peak Times  Often you will find the Norlandic community active in the late evening (7:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST) and the weekend roleplay taking place from the mid-evening to the early morning (5:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST).
You will often find the Rathonian community active in early morning and early afternoon (10:30 AM EST - 3:00 PM EST) and weekend active in the extreme early morning to evening (6:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST)
Religion The Norlandic people worship the Allfather and traditionally practice the Red Faith. Other faiths can be found mostly in The United Provinces of Dùnrath as the entity have different cultural component. The Red Faith are tolerant to other religions as long as they do not strongly go against the Norlandic Laws.