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Category: Orcish
Weight: 600 - 1000 lbs
Height: 8'0"- 10'0" ft
Eye Color: Brown, Hazel, or Red.
Hair Color: Black, otherwise dyed red with blood.

Ologs are a subrace of the Orcs. Also known as Orogs or Ogres, Ologs are the largest of the orcish subraces. Huge, dull-witted towers of flesh, fat, and muscle, Ologs are the most slow-witted and primitive of the Orcish subraces. As a result, these remarkable warriors are often entirely dependent on their Orcish kin for places to stay, or orders to follow in times of peace. While impressive by all physical means, Ologs lack of any appreciable mental capacity inhibits them from pursuing non-combative hobbies, their short attention spans further crippling any such opportunity. As a result, in times of peace (as rare as they may be) Ologs are restrained to hunting and guarding, with little room to perform other tasks well. Ologs do however, grasp rudimentary honor, and will listen to their Wargoth,Rex, or some orc/higherup.

Generally, Ologs are aggressive towards all non-Orcs, that coupled with their lack of intelligence makes them a frightful encounter for non-Orcs, as they are extremely proficient fighters, and lack the reasoning and foresight to not act upon their first instincts.

Physical Attributes

As the largest of the Orcish subraces, the Ologs are often noted for their immense size, and muscular aptitude. Their skin tone ranges between various shades of red, green, and blue, and while their hair is often black, most Ologs opt to shave their heads and chins to prevent their hair being grabbed in war. Their jaws are often the most pronounced of the Orcish subraces, with some of the largest Orcish tusks in history jutting from their jaws.

Other Attributes

Olog's possess an extraordinarily hardy digestive tract, capable of eating almost anything without causing harm to themselves, within reason. For this reason, many Ologs compete in eating the hardest thing in reach to display their strength, from rocks to the swords of fallen enemies. Their mental capabilities however, are incredibly lacking. Ologs are without a doubt the least intelligent of all the playable races, a price for their enormous strength and size. Their limited intelligence leads Ologs to be incapable to bluff or foresee consequences to what they say, instead Ologs simply say whatever comes to their mind at the moment.


The average lifespan of an Olog is quite short, often less than 100 years due to their constant involvement in war. Dying outside of combat (such as dying of old age or disease) is the most disgraceful fate that could befall an Olog, and as a result many Ologs assure they die in combat by always fighting. Due to this, there has been no recorded case of an Olog succumbing to old age, though it is believed to be similar to the age an Uruk dies, around 500 years.


Like its kin, the Ologs descended from Krug, whom was mutilated and cursed by the Arch-Daemon Iblees. After his fight and defeat against Iblees, his form was burnt by his flame and his skin scarred. This caused his pigment to change green, and develop into different colours in later generations. He was cursed to have tusks emerging from his mouth, and to appear as an abomination; as well, he was cursed with bloodlust, forever seeking carnage and warfare.


Olog culture is perhaps the most crude of all the races, rising from victories in war, many Ologs will often play with the corpses of fallen enemies, making fun of their weakness before returning to feasting and fighting. The Ologs, in fellowship with their Orcish brethren are led by their Rex, an Orc whom acts as a ruling warlord to the Orcish people, leading them in their wars, and guiding them through times of peace. Many Ologs also belong to an Orcish clan, which leads them independently into battles and posses their own clan history.


Ologs do not produce any art other than that created in the field of battle, either as a form of brutish fighting, or some maiming of their enemy.


There has never been a recorded instance in history of an Olog learning to read fluently, let alone write. As a result, no Olog literature has ever been written.


Ologs possess a sense of rhythm, so often drift towards playing War Drums whenever they have an inkling to play any instrument, but return to combat when they inevitably smash through their drum.


Ologs lack the intelligence to grasp the nuances and subtleties worship requires, however they are often told of the Spirits, and will offer a war cry for them as they charge into battle, and understand the very basic fundamentals of Shamanism.


Ologs lack the intelligence to apply any foresight or planning into cities, resulting in Ologs producing some of the worst camps ever conceived in history. In the few times Ologs decided to independently make a settlement or camp, it often resulted in Ologs occasionally consuming their hide tents, alongside their lack of sanitation and veracious appetites reducing their camps to fields of Olog waste and ruined tents in matters of days.


Random Tidbits

  • Ologs are the tallest of the original races, and the race possessing the most inherent strength.
  • On a different note, did you know: Goblins are often viewed as parallel opposites of Ologs within the Orcs. Find out more here!: Goblin

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