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This lore received a rewrite and this version is not being used on the server anymore. This page should be updated with the new lore which can be found here.


In times of yore after the first dragons took to the skies, men were rewarded for their everlasting faith to the Old Gods, what would now be called Dragaar in modern day. The progenitors of the mutants that would come to be called the Nephilim, prior to the conflict in which Dragur and his brood took flight to end the scourge of Iblees Draugardom was bestowed to those of great renown who served the dragons faithfully. However following the wars waged against Iblees the dragonkin suffered, the first of their own kind being turned against them while the very earth shook under the brunt of godly magic and tactless violence. Very few Nephilim remained, and with their forebearer sealed away there was nothing they could hope to accomplish any longer but to continue on, wandering the vastness of the world only to eventually be consumed by it in their hopelessness. Unable to pass on their traits, they dwindled and died out, alone and forgotten, with scarce hints as to what had transpired. The Age of Fire had run its course, and now it was to be a time of peace and tranquility once again as the plights of the ancestral races and the Four Brothers were forgotten entirely. Thus, the world came to flourish without the aid of gods, that is, until great upheaval once again shook the pillars of creation. Then came the resurgence of the dragonkin following the deeds of Mordring and the freeing of the Black Titan from his ethereal shackles, beginning the Age of Contempt and the resurrection of the numerous draconic species, most notably the Dragaar.


Nephilim are capable of using their inner-flame as a source of magical fire. They are also capable of shape-shifting to a lesser extent through meditation, which they also use to sleep. They are typically ambidextrous their magics complement their combat skills.


Azdrazi: born through the ritual, they inherit the traits of the Drakaar Azdromoth.

Draugr [Darkreaver]: corrupted, immolated variant. Susceptible to holy magic and gold unlike Azdrazi.