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Category: Orcish
Weight: 252 - 508 lbs
Height: 6'0"- 8'0" ft
Eye Color: Blue, Brown, Hazel, Amber, or rarely Red
Hair Color: Black, otherwise dyed red with blood

The Uruks are the most common and dominant sub-race of the Orcs, being the most present of all the orcs, generally the Wargoths and Rexes, with the exception of a few clans. Uruks are the race from where Ologs and Goblins branch from, being smart and strong respectively. Unlike the goblins with their masterful skill with machinery or the Ologs with their primal instinct of survival and abnormal strength, Uruks are gifted with both intelligence and strength, being able to delve in the path of the shaman or the warrior. As a result, Uruks, like humans, are prone to a great deal of variability between the population, with many Uruks leaning towards an intellectual, purely combative, or pious lifestyles.

Physical Attributes

Orcs Render.png

Uruks are in the middle of the Orcish spectrum, awarding them with a naturally muscular, fit form without sacrificing any intelligence for their strength. They often stand at a height of around 6'0 - 8'0 feet, though that is not to say they couldn't be taller or shorter, though an Uruk could scarcely ever reach a height of 9'0 feet or above. Their skin tone, much like their kin, ranges from various shades of all colors depending upon their lineage. As the most versatile of the subraces, Uruk's physical qualities are subject to a great deal of genetic variability, and range from being so weak their clan will cull them for weakness, or so strong they could possibly rival weak Ologs. Their jawline, much like their physical stature is prone to variability, while they always possess a protruding jaw with tusks the protrusion and size of the tusks can vary greatly between Uruks. Horns rarely crown the head of an Orc as it is a blessing only given to the most powerful, growing in various designs and forms, but are always seen as a figure of great power and honorability.

Other Attributes

Uruks, much like their variability physically possess the birthright to natural intelligence. They can be gifted with inherent intelligence, and have the same ability as humans to gather and process information. Uruks are made hardened by their harsh and intense environments, both physically and emotionally. Though often reserved Uruks display their emotions, which often comes out as anger or elation.


Uruks are able to live for extremely long periods of time, often for hundreds of years. Though combat often cuts their lives short, the oldest Orc has been seen living to one thousand years old before passing. Orcs mature much faster than their human or elven counterparts, growing to full size at often 12 or 13 years old.


Like its kin, the Uruks descended from Krug whom himself was an Uruk, whom was mutilated and cursed by the Arch-Daemon Iblees. After his fight against Iblees his form was burnt by his flame and his skin scarred. This caused his pigment to change to green, and develop into different colours in later generations due to genetic mutations. He was cursed to have tusks emerging from his mouth, and to appear as an abomination; as well, he was cursed with bloodlust, forever seeking carnage and warfare.


The Uruks, in fellowship with their Orcish brethren are led by their Rex, an Orc (often which is an Uruk) whom acts as a ruling warlord to the Orcish people, leading them in their wars and guiding them through times of peace. Most Uruks also belong to an Orcish clan, though many remain clanless.


Uruks art is quite different from other races. Though rarely drawing portraits of themselves, orcish artwork is made to honor noteworthy figures in history, or the cities and capitals constructed during their time periods. Often, Orcish artwork captures an era rather than an emotion.


Uruks often tell their stories verbally, however great tales and legends are often recorded in books. Most Uruk stories and literature often teach morals or guides, focused on lessons. Shamans are often the book-keepers if such pieces of literature exist.


Uruks play the drums often during war, though outside they play a variety of flutes and an instrument known as the Dulum, a three-stringed instrument that is made from a tortoise shell. Some Orcs sing, though only in jest.


Uruks, alongside their brethren worship the Spirits. Their practice of Shamanism can often become quite involved, leading them to becoming trained Shamans with aid from their natural intelligence. However, that is not to say all Uruks are so devote, as some reject the worship of such structures.


All Capital cities are constructed and planned primarily by Goblins, then constructed by Ologs as their size and strength allow them to work tirelessly on the large sandstone structures and homes while the Orcs manage the lumbering, hungry collosi as a sort of overseer. Often, orcish cities will have an exterior welcome to all outsiders, known as a Trog, in which those who wish to learn about orcish culture and trade are welcome to do so, though to explore more often requires tribute.


Random Tidbits

  • Uruks, are big. Almost always bigger than humans, in fact.
  • Uruks, Goblins, and Ologs come in all different colors, though mostly green, red, black, or brown. These colors often symbolize what clan the orc is apart of.
  • Orcs really enjoy cookies.