Dark Dwarves

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Dark Dwarf
Category: Dwarf
Weight: 120 - 300 lbs
Height: 4' - 5'2" ft
Eye Color: Red, Orange, Black, White, etc.
Hair Color: Black, White, Red or Pale Blonde

Dark Dwarves were originally born from the unlikely union of dark elves and the various dwarven sub-races. They have a skin color ranging from ashen grey to coal black and any hair colour native to the dwarves. Dark Dwarves delve in the depths of Dwarven holds to tend their forges and to study the alchemical and arcane arts. It is a common misconception that the dark dwarves inherit the curse of the doomforged (which would give them red or orange glowing eyes) yet this is not the case unless they're direct descendants and their bloodline can be traced back to Paragon Urir Ireheart.

Physical Attributes

The general build and body shape of a dark dwarf hinges greatly on their ancestry. Those with the blood of mountain Dwarves tend to be stern and taller than their cave-related brethren, whereas forest-descendants are usually thinner and lighter footed. Unique to them, Dark Dwarves all have skin color ranging from ashen grey to almost obsydian-black. Their hair may be of any color, though black and red are the most frequent. Contrary to popular belief, a dark dwarf does not have eyes that glow. It is not entirely impossible but the average dark dwarf would have the eyes of a normal half-breed (half dark elf, half dwarf). The glowing eyes are a special curse set upon a specific breed of dark dwarves, The Doomforged.

Other Attributes

Much like with other dwarves, mountain accent is often an for other races to understand, even if they are talking in common. They are usually unable to fully say the letter -h in words and tend to sound like a person with a scottish accent. It may seem difficult to understand a dwarf at first, but it is just slightly modified Common tongue.


Dark Dwarf aging mirrors that of other dwarves, though it can be assumed that Dark Dwarves may live a slight bit longer. No Dark Dwarf is known to have died of old age, although it is also assumed they would no live above 800. A Dark Dwarf is considered a Beardling before the completion of the clan trial, which usually happens between the ages 60 and 100. A Dark Dwarf who earned the respect of their kin and is aged enough may be granted the title of clan elder by their respective clan fathers. Dark Dwarves, like most other dwarves, start to grey and weaken around the age of 600.


As a race of halfbreeds, Dark Dwarves carry both the curse of Dwarves and the curse of Elves in their bloods.

See the curse of the Dwarves and the curse of the Elves.


Dark Dwarf culture is unlike any other halfbreed culture in the sense that the magmaforged kin adopted the culture of the Derva, or the "Uncursed" and continue both their traditions, craftsmanship and legacy. The Dark Dwarf culture is not to be confused with the culture of the Doomforged, as they are two different cultures entirely.


Dark Dwarves generally adhere to the worship of the Brathmordakin, though the Doomforged also revere the Flesh-smith, Dormmar. Not much is known about Dormmar, and the Doomforged are not likely to discuss his legacy anytime soon. His worship, however, has been controversial in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. After many decades of forbidden, hidden worship, the fall of Urguan and the rise of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah allowed Dormmar's adherents to openly worship once more, as the newly crowned and dominant Frostbeard clan worships the similarly controversial Wyrvun.


Dark Dwarves appeared through the inter-mingling of Dark Elves and dwarves over the ages. The most famous of them, the Doomforged, were three children of the Paragon Urir Ireheart.


Dark Dwarves shared their cities with the rest of the Khazadmar in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and lay similarly scattered afer the War of the Beards.


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