List of Curonian Consorts

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The Royal Consort of Curonia (High Imperial: Regina Curonia) is the spouse of the Curonian Monarch, and thus styled with the regal designation of ‘’Consort of Curonia’’ until their partner's untimely death, or in some cases, annulment or abdication.

List of Consorts

House of Devereux

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms
Evelyn of Istria
Evelyn Falkenrath
evelyn devereux.jpg 3rd of Sigismund's End, 1660
Istria, Curon

Daughter of Duke Austinius I of Istria and Evelina Falkenrath
Wilhelm I of Curonia
Principality of Curon
7 children
7th of the Sun's Smile, 1715 N/A
Katheryna of Alban
Princess Katheryna Barbanov
KatherofAlban.jpg 3rd of the Sun's Smile, 1682
Glythen, Venerra

Daughter of Prince Andrew Barbanov and Mariya de Sarkozy
Jarrack I of Curonia
Cyrilsburg, Curonia
2 children
Unknown BarbovCoatForum.png
Romulus of Cascadia
Prince Romulus Horen
Romulushoren.jpg 2nd of Owyn's Flame, 1692
Helena, Empire of Man

Son of Emperor Augustus I of Man and Helen Horen
Anabel I of Curonia
Cyrilsburg, Curonia
3 children
10th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1725 HouseOfCascadia.png
Julia of Westmarch
Julia Staunton
Julia of Westmarch.png 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1705
Duchy of Westmarch

Daughter of Lord Frederik Staunton and Christina Valois
Pierce I of Curonia
Cyrilsburg, Curonia
1 child
Alive StauntonCoatOfArms.png