List of Curonian Monarchs

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The Monarch of Curonia, often shortened to simply Curon, is the sovereign head of state within the Kingdom of Curonia

House Devereux (1703 - 1741)

Duke Wilhelm I of Curonia officially ascended to kingship after being bestowed the title by Augustus I, Emperor of Man in 1703. His lineage, the House of Devereux, continue to remain the sovereign house of the Kingdom.

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Wilhelm I
Wilhelm Karl Devereux
WilhelmI.jpg 1st of The Grand Harvest, 1654
Cyrilsburg, Curon

Son of Alfred, Prince of Curon and Linette I
Evelyn of Istria
Istria, Curon
7 children
17th of the Sun's Smile, 1715
Avalain, Curonia
aged 61
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Title created
Jarrack I
Jarrack Alfred Devereux
jarrackking.jpg 6th of Malin's Welcome, 1688
New Cyrilsburg, Curon

Son of Wilhelm I and Evelyn of Istria
Katheryna of Alban
Markev, Haense
2 children
3rd Amber Cold 1716
Avalain, Curonia
aged 28
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Son of Wilhelm I
Alfred II
Alfred Arthos Devereux
AlfredII.jpg 11th of Malin's Welcome, 1712
Avalain, Curonia

Son of Jarrack I and Katheryna of Alban
Unwed 15 Sun's Smile 1720
Avalain, Curonia
aged 8
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Son of Jarrack I
Anabel I
Anabel Lisette Devereux
AnabelIofCuronia.png 9th of The Grand Harvest, 1691
Cyrilsburg, Curonia

Daughter of Wilhelm and Evelyn of Istria
Romulus of Cascadia
Helena, Cascadia
3 children
1th of Malin's Welcome, 1731
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Elevated as a political pawn to Emperor Godfrey II during the War of Two Emperors.
Daughter of Wilhem I.
Pierce I
Pierce Karl Devereux
Pierce.jpg 3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1703
Avalain, Curonia

Son of Ecbert Devereux and Natalia of Artois
Julia of Westmarch Deceased DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Grandson of Wilhelm I, Cousin to Alfred I
Wilhelm II of Curonia
Wilhelm Karl Devereux
add picture here 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1730
Avalain, Curonia

Son of Pierce I of Curonia and Julia of Westmarch
Unwed Alive DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Son of Pierce I of Curonia
Ester of Curonia
Ester Rose Devereux
Ester Devereux.jpg 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1710
Avalain, Curonia

Daughter of Jarrack I of Curonia and Katheryna of Alban
Richard I of Rubern
3 children
Alive DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Daughter of Jarrack I of Curonia. Siezed the throne of Curonia as Governor-General during the Rubern War.

House of Helane (1741 - 1784)

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Peter I
Peter Anthony
1737 – 1784
Peter3.jpg 1704, Carolustadt, Man

Son of Emperor Antonius I
and Karenina of Alban

Lorena of Augustin
Ves, Kaedrin
2 children
Helena, Holy Orenian Empire
(Aged 80)
Empire of Alty.png Title revocation

House of Novellen (1784 - Present)

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Anne I
Anne Augusta
littleannie.png 1734, Helena, Oren

Daughter of Emperor Peter III and Lorena of Augustin
Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor
Helena, Holy Orenian Empire
6 children
1800 DreamEmpire.png Firstborn daughter of Emperor Peter III
Joseph I
Joseph Clement de Sarkozy
Josephclement.jpg 13th of the First Seed, 1730
Renz, Duchy of Adria

Son of Adrian de Sarkozy and Mariya Angelika of Reza
Anne, Holy Orenian Empress
6 Children
12th of Sun's Smile 1814
(Aged 83)
sarkozic.png Crowned as Co-Emperor alongside Anne I
John I
John Charles
10th of Grand Harvest 1815 - 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1837
kosheremp.jpg 1754

Son of Anne I and Joseph II

Wilhelmina Helvets (Divorced)
No children
12th of Owyn's Flame, 1837
(Aged 80)
KosherEmpire.png Firstborn son of Empress Anne I and Emperor Joseph II
Philip I
Philip Augustus
12th of Owyn's Flame, 1837 - Present
PhilipCrestfall.jpg 1759

Son of Anne I and Joseph II

Judith Alice of Rochefort (d. 1815)
5 children
Living, Age: 78 KosherEmpire.png Brother of John VIII and second-born son of Anne I and Joseph II