House of Devereux

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House of Devereux
Country: DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Curon, Empire of Man.png Empire of Man
Parent House: House of Staunton
King of Curonia
Prince of Curon
Duke of Curon
Duke of Courland
Duke of Umbra
Duke of Eastbourne
Count of Cyrilsburg
Count of Riga
Count of Westmark
Count of Aleksandria
Count of Avalain
Baron of Cyrilsburg
Baron of Asrian
Baron of Blackreach
Baron of Rivia
Baron of Vasile
Lord of Bear Mountain
Lord of Blacken
Lord of Drakon
Karl I of Curon
Current Head:
Pierce I Devereux
Ethnicity: Heartlander
House Motto: Resolve Unbroken

The House of Devereux (Common: Devereux; High Imperial: Devereux) is the current ruling family of the Kingdom of Curonia. The family was founded by Charles Staunton, third born son of King Tobias I of Courland who made his way as Duke due to his niece stepping down as Queen of Courland after a year of them taking back Aleksandria which he then took the name of Devereux.