Tobias I, King of Courland

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Tobias I
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King of Courland
Reign: 1593-1608
Coronation: 12th of the Sun's Smile, 1594
Predecessor: Alexander I
Successor: Joseph I
Born: 1st of the Suns Smile, 1559
Riga, Courland, Oren
Died: 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1608
Aleksandria, Courland (aged: 53)
Spouse: Lisette of Virdian
House: Staunton
Father: Duke Alexander of Courland
Mother: Princess Philippa Maria of Alstion

King Tobias Staunton, known also as Tobias "The Conqueror", was the monarch of the Kingdom of Courland, holding lordship and tributary over the island of Asul and majority of Tahn. The son of the Duke of Courland, he successfully led a overthrow of the Imperial State under Emperor Philip, declared himself to be royal pedigree, and managed to conquer a vast majority of the former imperial lands.


Early life

Born in the Palace of Riga in the year of 1559, Tobias Staunton was the third son of Duke Alexander Staunton of Courland and Princess Philippa Maria of Alstion. He lived there for the early part of his life, before being evacuated along with his siblings to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, following the Battle of the Curon Forest and the Siege of Kraken's Watch.

Coalition War

Following a plot with his distant cousin, Lord Vimmark, Tobias returned along with a small force of his loyalists to garrison the Castle of Ostwick in the Duchy of Lorraine. It is from there that his rebellion was incited. After uniting the anti-Imperial factions under one banner, they engaged the Empire at the Battle of the Gorge, scoring a decisive victory, sending the Imperials on their back heels. From Ostwick, Tobias and his forced launched a second attack, this time engaging the Empire just outside the city of Metz, scoring another decisive victory at the Battle of Goldfields. Following this victory, numerous Imperial vassals seceded from the Empire, notably the Kingdom of Haense and the Kingdom of the Westerlands following the signing of the Pax Occidenti and the Grayspine Concod, and also the Duke of Mardon, cousin to the Emperor himself. Other, non-human vassals such as the Dominion of Malin also seceded. With little chance of victory, Emperor Philip Frederick used Thanhium bombs to destroy the capital of Johannesburg, rather than allowing it to fall into rebel hands. Following this, the Kingdom of Courland attained control of vast swathes of former Imperial territories, establishing their new capital of Aleksandria, named after Tobias' father, Alexander Staunton, on the island of Asul, in the heart of the former Dreadlands.

Campaign against Haense

Following the assassination of Meric Staunton by a Haeseni Privy Councillor in the streets of Karlsburg, tensions rose between the Kingdom of Courland and the Kingdom of Haense, with acts of hostilities from both nations occurring. Following the rejection of the ultimatum delivered to Tobias Staunton by King Marius of Haense, the two nations officially entered a state of war on the 15th of the Grand Harvest 1601. The forces of the two nations met first at the Battle of Elba, situated in the forests north of the former Imperial Heartlands. Following a disastrous three day Battle for the Kingdom of Haense, their forces retreated northwards back towards Karlsberg. This allowed the Courlandic armies to arrange transportation from their Dwarven allies, sailing around the coast, landing just outside of Vasililand. It was there where the armies met for the second and final battle of The Great Northern War, the Battle of Curon. Courlandic forces sieged the Vanir stronghold at the heart of Vasililand, scoring another decisive victory. After the brutal defeats suffered by the Haeseni armies, King Marius formally surrendered on the 11th of the Amber Cold, 1604.

War with Mardon

Following the end of the war with Haense, Tobias turned his attention to Mardon, those who had seceded from the Kingdom at the beginning of the war. After meeting with representatives from the Kingdom of Lorraine-Savoy, Tobias agreed to lead the war against the Duchy of Mardon. However, after a stunning victory at the battle of Blackwater for the Kingdom of Courland, Tobias signed a peace treaty with the Duke of Mardon, receiving 20,000 minas in compensation for the disturbances caused during the Great Northern War.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
King Joseph I of Courland 3rd of the Suns Smile, 1594 17th of The Deep Cold, 1616 Marie of Lotharingia Eldest child of Tobias and Lisette, the third King of Courland and seventh Duke of Courland
Elizabeth Maria, Queen Consort of Hanseti Ruska 3rd of the Sun's Smile, 1594 1619 Stephen I of Haense Twin to Joseph Alexander. Murdered by an anti-curish party.
Prince William Augustus of Courland 12th of the First Seed, 1596 1660 Abigail Roswell Second son of Tobias and Lisette
Karl I of Curon 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1602 9th of Malin's Welcome, 1651 Ester Theresa of Rostig Third son of Tobias and Lisette, Duke of Curon
Prince Arthur Richard of Courland 6th of the Amber Cold, 1607 1665 Unwed Fourth son of Tobias and Lisette, Twin to Sophia
Princess Sophia Alexandra of Courland 6th of the Amber Cold, 1607 Deceased Volkhard Markwardt Second daughter of Tobias and Lisette, Twin to Arthur
Prince Alfred Henry of Courland 10th of the Bitter Harvest, 1609 11th of the Bitter Harvest 1609 Unwed Died shortly after birth of unknown causes


Character and Personality

Tobias was known for his kindness and attention to detail, often micro-managing almost every aspect of the Kingdom. Revered by his subjects and others for his seemingly compassionate and caring nature, often going out of his own way to better the lives of his citizens. Tobias strongly resembled his father regarding his physical apperance, having the typical Staunton black hair and blue eyes.

Titles and Styles

The titles of Tobias I changed throughout his reign. At the time of his death, his full Royal title was: His Royal Majesty, Tobias Staunton, King of Courland, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, Baron of Vsenk, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders and the Highlanders