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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

In the Ice plains of the Duchy of Courland, Riga stood strong and proud as the capital. In its later years, Riga was remade to be able to handle a larger capacity, and be more appealing to all. It was the Ducal seat of the House of Staunton.


In the year 1552, Riga was torn down, and completely rebuilt, made to be able to hold a larger capacity, and be able to appeal to the growing population of Oren, unlike the original city, made in 1512, which was very efficient in the years prior.. The Duke of Courland, Alexander Staunton, has had many reforms since Riga was remade, mainly consisting of the government of Courland. Riga consisted of many different businesses, and had a thriving economy with the newly built mine. With the growing population in the city, Riga’s guard force had grown, to be one of the biggest in Oren.


Riga sat right on the edge of an Ocean, while being surrounded by farmlands, forests, and hills. Most of the year, Riga’s farmlands were unable to grow due to the snow that usually covered the area. During select times throughout Spring and Summer however, the farmland thrived. Riga sat on a huge supply of untouched minerals and ore, making the land a very valuable part of Oren.


-Alexsander Staunton, a young, but respected leader, the Duke of Courland.
-Ser Aymer Fournier, a middle aged man, known to be very strategic, the Marshall of Courland.
-Percy Ancelin, a rather young, but hard working man, who was the Sheriff, and Head Steward of Courland.
-Galdor Arien, A middle aged man, who had proven himself to be a rather respected Mayor of Riga.


Riga was a very popular town, with many people entering and exiting at all times. With many shops in the city, there were a large amount of people who come to shop or look around. With the large population and the large amount of visitors, Riga tended to be a very appealing city, with many places to socialize and meet new people.


Riga sat atop a very large supply of ore, previously untouched until a mine was put in during its later years. The economy thrived due to the ore and the large farm outside. Many shops sat inside of Riga, allowing for a large supply of items to go in and out of the city.


The city of Riga followed Imperial Law, just like the rest of Oren.


The people of Courland follow Canonism, the official religion of Oren.