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Rubern War

Battle of Elba.jpg

Date: 1740-1760
Place: Oren, Rubern, Morsgrad
Result: Orenian victory
  • Failure of the AIS offensive
  • The Alliance of Independent States is dissolved
  • Morsgrad & Renelia recognize Orenian sovereignty
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Kaedrin.png Kingdom of Kaedrin
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Kingdom of Curonia
ruswick.png Mercenaries of Russ (Until 1744)
Alliance of Independant States:
norland.png Duchy of Morsgrad
Rubern.png Principality of Rubern
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Blessed Diarchy of Haelun'or
suffolkduchycoatofarms.png Archduchy of Suffonia
CoA of Auvergne.png Royaume of Auvergne
cresttemplar.png Order of Arjen Cross
Zakopane.png Piastdom of Zakopane
Renalia.png The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn
IRRINOR BANNER.png Forest Realm of Irrinor
TalonsGrotto.png Talon's Grotto
alfaizcoa.png The Sheikhdom of Al-Faiz
ruswick.png Mercenaries of Russ (1744-1745)
OrenianFlag.png Peter III
OrenianFlag.png Leonard de Ruyter
OrenianFlag.png Darius Sabari
OrenianFlag.png Alren DeNurem
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Andrew III
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Andrew IV (from 1746)
HouseAlimarNormalCrow2.png Grand Prince of Muldav
BarclayCOA.png Baron of Freising
BarclayCOA.png Duke of Reinmar
Kaedrin.png Adrian I
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Wilhelm II, King of Curonia
ruswick.png John II of Ruswick (Until 1744)
norland.png Duke of Morsgrad
Rubern.png Prince of Rubern
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rex Burbur'lur
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar
suffolkduchycoatofarms.png Archduke of Suffonia
CoA of Auvergne.png Orphée de Beauvais
cresttemplar.png Daniel of Bourdon
Zakopane.png Piast Svetovid Vilchyc
Renalia.png Aroen Velulaei’onn
alfaizcoa.png Ibraheem Ibn Bashai
ruswick.png Swifty Sam (1744-1745)

The Rubern War also known as the AIS War occurred in the 18th century between The Holy Orenian Empire & The Alliance of Independent States. It was primarily fought along roads & settlements bordering the Rubern River which is where the war got its primary name from. Sparked in 1740, the war ended in 1760, making it one of the longest-lasting wars in known history.


The Rubern War was publically announced shortly after the Three Skirmishes of Rubern, which resulted in the capture of the Emperor in 1740. This declaration announced that the Alliance of Independent States would march upon the city of New Reza.

The cause of this war is dated several months before in which a small force from Haense met up with a Hansetic deserter, who stole from the Hansetic armory, in what they thought was a neutral territory in Rubern to arrest and put him on trial. Though the small party was met with a Ruberni attacking them as well as Godric I, Duke of Morsgrad ambushing and killing the small Hansetic force. After the encounter Godric Ruric would meet King Andrew III at the gates of New Reza where he demanded for two Hansetic officers in return for the captured Hansetic soldier, who was captured in the ambush, King Andrew III denied the offer by suggesting to host a meeting in a neutral area in order to figure out what happened at Rubern. The Duke refused the King's offer to which led him to promptly send an ultimatum to the Holy Orenian Empire; it stated that they shall pay a weregild of 15,000 mina, lest war come to their borders. The ultimatum was promptly rejected by Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor.

Major Confrontation


  • 1740:
    • Tensions rise between the AIS and Imperial factions, eventually breaking out in conflict, marking the beginning of the Rubern War.
    • The AIS assemble their best men and send them on a daring mission to capture the Empress, this turning into a major success for the AIS as they managed to apprehend the Emperor while he led a raid to recover her, the AIS soldiers have taken down three Orenian forces that had tried to retrieve the emperor, eventually the emperor would have been released with grave injuries and treated by the monks of Cloud Temple, the empress being returned unharmed. This operation was known as the Three Skirmishes of Rubern, A victory for the AIS through military means.
  • 1740:
    • After constant raids and incursions on the Imperial borders by AIS troops, the Imperial Legions rally in the capital of Helena whilst the AIS gain news of this and rally in Rubern, the two meet in the fields outside of Helena causing a large scale battle, the largest of the war so far to occur known as the Battle of Helena's Fields ending in a decisive AIS victory.
    • Duke Godric would issue a series of demands to Peter III which were swiftly denied by the Emperor, prompting for the AIS men to begin preparation for an invasion into the Orenian Heartlands.