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Olivier I
King of Oren
Reign: 1499-1523
Predecessor: Andrik I
Successor: Guy de Bar
Chancellors: Guy de Bar
Lord Chancellor
In Office: -1499
Monarch: Andrik I
Preceded by:
Succeeded by: Guy de Bar
Born: circa 1440, Oren
Died: 1523 (aged 83), Praha Palace, Felsen
Spouse: Ceriwyn of Rhoswyn
House: de Savoie
Father: Roland Ashford de Savoie
Mother: Caroline Chivay

Olivier Ashford de Savoie, known regally as Olivier I of Oren, (c. 1440 – 1523) was the King of Oren as the second monarch of the Reformed Kingdom.

Veteran of the Schism War and Defender of the Faith, Duke Olivier of Savoy was elected to the Orenian throne in 1499 following the assassination of Andrik I. While highly regarded among his Savoyard compatriots, his rule isolated and dissatisfied many of his other subjects, who considered him arbitrary and unjust. His refusal to punish Titus de Sola after the Massacre of Wett was one of the major causes of the formation of the Ducal Coalition and the outbreak of the Dukes' War.

Early Life and Rise to Power

Not much is known about Olivier's childhood. Even his year of birth remains controversial and unknown for certain, with estimates varying from the 1430s to the 1450s. What is known is that he ascended to the County of Aldersberg and the Privy Council of the Imperium Tertius, even becoming its head as Viceroy, at a very early age, by some estimates as young as 17. Showing an early aptitude for rulership and stewardship, he oversaw the construction of the City of Aldersberg and created a small but well-disciplined army for his nascent county. His careful and disciplined rule saw him made Duke of Savoy sometime in the 1470s, becoming liege to a number of vassals of his own, including the infamous Guy de Bar.

Schism War

In 1483, shortly after the fall of the Fourth Empire left him independent, Olivier declared independence from the Kingdom of Oren(the rump-state remnant of the Empire) and initially declared for the newly formed Kingdom of Renatus. However, the declaration of schism by Renatus' allies in Aesterwald saw Olivier change course just a year later, and split from Renatus in favour of the Canonist League. Contributing roughly a third of the League's forces, and many of its greatest commanders, Olivier played a vital role in the League's victory in the Schism War. At the end of the war, he support King Andrik Vydra of Akovia's crowning as king of a united Oren and swore fealty to him. He would go on to serve as Andrik's chancellor until the latter's demise at the hands of a High Elven assassin in 1499.






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