Andrik Vydra

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Andrew I
Venerated in: Church of the Canon
Canonized by: Owyn III
Patron of: Victory, Military Excellence, and the Schism War
King of Oren
Reign: 1491-1498
Coronation: 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1491
Predecessor: Himself (as King of Akovia)
Successor: Olivier
Chancellor: Basil, Duke of Akovia
King of Akovia
Reign: 1484-1491
Coronation: 7th of the Amber Cold, 1484
Predecessor: King Voron Kovachev
Successor: Himself (as King of Oren)
Chancellor: Basil, Duke of Akovia
Born: 16th of the Sun's Smile, 1461
Died: 2nd of Sun's Smile, 1498
Spouse: Unmarried
Full Name: Andrik Vydra
House: House of Vydra
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Andrik Vydra, known regally as Andrew I, (16th of the Sun's Smile, 1461 – 2nd of Sun's Smile, 1498) of the House of Vydra, was the second King of Akovia from 1484 to 1491, and the first King of Oren from 1491 to 1498, assassinated by the Sohaer of the High Elves of Haelun'or. A relatively unknown noble, he is most notable for his victory of the Schism War and his reforming of the Kingdom of Oren. Highly regarded among highlanders and heartlanders alike, he was well respected and well liked by many of his nobles, leading to one of the most prosperous human nations ever to exist in history.

Early life

Andrik was born in Fjordhem, Aeldin to an unknown noble man. He rose to prominence during the events of the Schism War, where he served as a noble officer in the Second Akovian Regiment, fighting on the front lines against the Schismatic League.


Andrik left no issue, ending the House of Vydra with his assassination.