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Edith Hope
Countess-Consort of Selestia
Tenure: 1814–1821
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Title Disolved
Race: Heartlander
Born: 1786 Helena, Holy Orenian Empire
Silvius Hope (m. 1803, died 1808)
Jakob Castington (m. 1814, divorced 1821)
Alexander Antler (m. 1836-present)
Father: Evan Beckett
Mother: Lillian Garnet
Military Service

OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire 1786-1868 Grand Duchy of Balian 1868-present

Years of service: 1801 - 1841 & 1868 - Present
Rank: Senior Corporal (1841) & Private

Edith Hope (Born Edith Garnet-Beckett) was born in the capital city of the Holy Orenian Empire, Helena where she was adopted by Evan Beckett & Lillian Garnet. Following in her father's footsteps, Edith took on many roles such as a soldier in the Imperial State Army, city politician, and eventually Countess-Consort of Selestia through her second marriage to Jakob Castington. In 1821, Edith had her marriage with Jakob Castington dissolved and thus her title removed. In 1852 she became the First Mayor of New Providence elected in a landslide of 60% of the vote.


Edith was born in the Holy Orenian Empire in 1786 in the capital city of Helena where she spent much of her childhood with her adopted parents Evan Beckett and Lillian Garnet. During the evacuation of Arcas, she was kept with her mother until they landed in Providence. However, Edith ran away several times for a year or so period returning to her parents permanently when she was 16 to join the ISA as her Father did. In 1803 she became engaged to Silvius Hope, marrying him a month or so later privately. They currently have two children named Rosaleen, and Finn Hope II. In 1806 her husband left her and began being courted by Jakob Castington in 1811 she was granted dissolution from Silvius Hope and in 1814 she married once again. They have one adopted child together which is Seraphina Hope as well as the two children Edith brought from her previous marriage.

Political Career

Edith ran in 1804 for the Providence City Assembly at age 20 the youngest of any candidate in Providence history winning her seat after hosting several prominent events with the National Party leadership in the Wicked Spider Tavern. In 1805 she has filed to run in the Mayoral Election to succeed Ciprian de la Baltas as Lord Mayor. A year later when the votes were announced, Edith lost to Alphonse Sylvester Halcourt by only a few hundred votes. In 1808 she ran once again for the City Assembly winning her seat handily. She has been advocating for lower taxes, free markets, and housing for veterans. Her current acts that have passed include the Orphanage Act of 1806, and other bills. In 1813 she ran for re-election however, through miscommunication with the city's magistrate, she had lost after not being made aware of when the voting period was to take place. In 1816 following the resignation of Otis de Rosius she was made an Alderman for the remaining one year of his term. She opted to run for re-election and lost once again it would seem her surprise win in 1806 and subsequent win in 1810 are the only races she ever won and thus has decided to retire from politics to focus on the Imperial State Army. After an additional 30 years of service in the Imperial Army she opted to retire in her mid 50’s. But in 1840 she came out of retirement of politics and run for the City Assembly of Providence winning her seat, during this term she accomplished the rewrite of the Providence Municipal Codex. The term was extended by Emperor Philip II as the new city of Providence was being built near the end of the term. But however the month that New Providence finished with construction, EmperorPhilip II was overthrown by his grandson Emperor Philip III. Upon the coup she decided to pledge loyalty to the new Emperor and the new Empress. Following their coronation the City Assembly was dissolved after she served twenty four years total in it, making her the longest serving Alderwoman in the history of Providence. In 1852 she ran for Lord Mayor of New Providence. During her Mayorship multiple major reforms were passed that benefitted the city greatly including the City Commissioner Edict of 1852, the Reformed City Charter Act of 1855 and several other minor laws. In 1856 she opted to not run for re-election and instead went into a brief retirement before running for the diet and becoming one of the newest members of the Imperial Diet in 1858.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1803 - 1811: Mrs. Edith Hope
  • 1814 - 1821: Her Ladyship, The Countess-Consort of Selestia, Edith Hope
  • 1821 - 1852: Mrs. Edith Hope, Matriarch of House Hope
  • 1852 - 1856: Lady Mayor Edith Hope of New Providence
  • 1856 - 1858: Mrs. Edith Hope, Matriarch of House Hope
  • 1858 - present: The Imperial Senator of New Providence, Edith Hope