Evan Beckett

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Evan Beckett
Race: Heartlander
Born: 1767, Owynsburg, Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Holy Orenian Empire
Spouse: Daphne Lovett
Father: Sir Alexios Komnenos
Mother: Julia Webster
Military Service
Allegiance: OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Years of service: 1789 - 1792
Rank: Private
Inferi War

Evan Beckett (Born Evan Alexios Komnenos) is the former Holy Oren Empire Ambassador to the Warnation of Krugmar appointed to this position in 1800-1810 by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He was the former Editor for the World section of the Providence Post newspaper. Evan currently has three children being Edith Hope, Joseph, and Amelia Beckett. He currently resides in Providence, the capital of The Holy Orenian Empire

Early Life

Evan was born at a time of peace in the Holy Oren Empire in 1767 in the city of Owynsburg only a few hours away from the capital, Helena, where he spent much of his childhood with his father. He was normally seen accompanied by his younger sister Eve as they drew close only being a few years apart in age. Until around age eight Evan was always around his family. That was until he ran away to Norland, unbeknownst to his family. As he drew towards his 18th birthday he returned to Helena to join the Imperial State Army. Upon his arrival back to Oren, he started courting Lillian Garnet, eventually adopting a young girl named Edith together. The couple split after Evan was dishonorably discharged from the ISA for an alleged assault of a local woman [1]. Shortly following his exodus from the army, his father disowned him & forbid him from keeping his family's last name [2]. Multiple members of his family stopped communicating with Evan.

Later Life

Following his expulsion from the ISA, Evan awaited trial for nearly half a decade with no judge picking up his case due to an ongoing crisis. During the evacuation of Arcas, Evan continuously put himself in the line of danger to help assist those stuck in the rubble & flames of Helena, New Reza, and the flooded city of Sutica. He saved many people which gave him the confidence he needed to move on past his previous troubles. Once arriving in Almaris, he was dismissed of all charges as they were found to be false.. In the following year, he married his secret love affair at the time, Daphne Lovett with whom he had his first son a year after their marriage. In 1802, Evan & Daphe had their second child Amelia. Besides his family life, Evan has attempted twice to run for Providence City Alderman. Both attempts were unsuccessful.