Battle of the Kahaen Sea

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Battle of the Kahaen Sea
Part of the Providence Cold Front


Date: 17th of Tobias' Bounty, 1813
Place: The Kahaen Sea
Result: Rebel Victory
Holy Orenian Empire & Allies:
Empire of Alty.png Holy Orenian Empire
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
freeportflag.png Cove of Freeport
scyflings?.svg.png Tim's Fleet
OrenianFlag.png Anne of Crestfall
Urguan Emblem.png Dorimur Goldhand
freeportflag.png The Lady Dock
scyflings?.svg.png Tim 'The Rotund'
scyflings?.svg.png Wenis "The Slow-Blade"
1 Galleon
2 Sloops
~5,100 Infantry
1 Man of War
1 Sloop
~6,300 Infantry
U.S.S Armakak's Coffer
~1,200 Dead or Wounded
~700 Dead or Wounded


Following the Battle of Henry's Wharf, Anne of Crestfall discovered the location of the rebel leader, Tim 'The Rotund'. A fleet was then assembled by the Princess to combat Tim who was announced to be operating out of the Kahaen Sea. On the morning of the 17th of Tobias' Bounty, the flotilla randevued at Henry's Wharf to amass a total of one galleon and two sloops. In the late morning, anchors were raised and the fleet set sail towards Tim's fleet which from reconnaissance missions was said to consist of one Man of War & one sloop. Around 14:00, the first contact was made between the two factions and a battle ensued which would come to be known as the Battle of the Kahaen Sea.


From the rebel sloop, a rowboat was sent forth towards the H.I.M.S Empress Anne to negotiate with the allied flotilla. After discussion between Anne of Crestfall & the ambassador from the sloop, Imperial State Army Ensign, Caspian d'Arkent & Captain Robert Galbraith shot the man, subsequently causing Tim's Man of War to empty a full salvo of thirty-six rounds at the allied fleet. Both front masts of the H.I.M.S Empress Anne & the Freeport sloop were heavily damaged along with the smokestack on the U.S.S Armakak's Coffer, a dwarven ironclad.

Tim's sloop proceeded to then move behind the Man of War to take cover from the allied fleet. Afterward, Princess Anne ordered both the H.I.M.S Empress Anne and the Freeport sloop to ram the port side of the Man of War. This gave the U.S.S Armakak's Coffer time to turn its port side to face the enemy flagship. The dwarven ship unleashed two salvos against the Man of War which resulted in minor damage being done to it along with half of the cannons aboard the ironclad blowing up.

As the H.I.M.S Empress Anne and the Freeport sloop made contact with the Man of War, it responded to the Armakak with thirty rounds which sunk the ship in seconds. Fortunately for the crew of the Armakak, they were able to jump overboard to avoid being hit by the cannon fire. W.I.P