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Ascended Magic was a form of magic none but the Ascended and their followers and acolytes could use. After the destruction of Aegis, the Ascended lost their magic powers, only to receive it back in the realm of Anthos. Their powers are of the holy kind, granted by the Aengul Aeriel, primarily used to combat dark magic and the creatures spawned from such.



The Ascended have access to several abilities, determined by which Sect of the magic each particular Ascended is. These Sects are as follows:

  • Red Sect: Red is known as the ‘Caretaker’s Sect’, This sect is dedicated to the creation of relics and the occasional Construction as necessary.

They have access to Aengul Fire, Warding, and Holy Alteration.

  • Blue Sect- Blue is named the ‘Sect of War’, this sect is designed to be the most active in seeking out those who violate the tenets of Aeriel. They are the forward line, who works most actively with the Descendants and rally them against Mortal Threats.

They have access to Aengul Fire, Healing, and Holy Alteration.

  • Silver Sect- Silver is known as the ‘Sect of Knowledge’; this Sect is the one dedicated to the collection of knowledge and relics, upkeep of relics, and understanding the finer points of magic. They are also able to use Arcane Magic, at the expense of a weakened body and magic.

They have access to T1 Aengul Fire and Divination, as well as Arcane Magic.

  • Gold Sect- Gold is known as the ‘Sect of Theology’; this sect is majorly dedicated to the religious and healing aspects of the Ascended, Divining the will of Aeriel, Healing the Wounded, and the creation of blessings.

They have access to Aengul Fire, Healing, Sealing, and Divination.


  • Aengul Fire- Aengul Fire burns away at tainted and corrupted beings, causing extreme pain and sometimes death. It burns taint as a flame burns oil, latching on to it as if it were fuel. It cannot be used as a normal flame, except to seal wounds. The flames can be squelched by an adequate amount of dark magic, and their power relative to the target depends on both the Ascended's and the target's tier—for Shades, at least.
  • Wards- Ascended wards will weaken or negate nearby tainted magic, dependent upon the level and effort put into the ward. Tainted magic would be magic that manipulates souls in a foul way; examples are Necromancy, Mysticism, or Shade magic. They can only entirely block magic of this sort at a T3 level or lower—magic of higher tiers will only be weakened. Wards cannot interfere with any other form of magic. An Ascended ward takes the shape of a floating symbol of white fire. This is a mere representation of the ward and does not actually function as holy fire, it will not burn someone who is tainted should they touch the mark. The mark can be dispelled externally with metal being put into it, dark magic squelching it, or some form of decently sized stone.
  • Healing- Ascended are capable of healing wounds by taking the wound onto themselves, turning a cut into a pulled tendon, or a broken bone into a cut on themselves. Ascended can do this due to their natural regenerative properties, and will recover from it more quickly than the average person. However the regeneration is not combat relevant, and would not stop an Ascended from dying from blood loss.
  • Holy Alteration- Aeriel's blessing is the act of engraving a symbol of aengulic flame upon an object or weapon, allowing an Ascended to channel the song of Aeriel into the item. Such an object would be unusable by a non-Ascended. The symbol upon the object would glow a bright white when activated, the flame slowly dissipating when in use until the object is no longer imbued. Imbuing objects takes large amount of time, and doing so in a combat situation would be impossible. Such imbuements include Aeriel's wrath, which allows a weapon to be imbued with a weaker version of Aengul Fire; Aeriel's voice, which magnifies the user's voice to great volumes; and Aeriel's clarity, which grants courage to nearby Descendants.
  • Sealing- Sealing allows an Ascended to seal a corrupted object within the realm of Aeriel. Depending on the extent of the object, and how powerful it is, Sealing can require 1 to 3 Ascended of varying skill. Sealing serves no combat use, and is done to usually get rid of a more powerful tainted object, without uncorrupting it. This can be used to seal lower objects as a training method, however using Aengul fire to cleanse the object is a much more common method.
  • Divination- Ascended are capable of using the art of divination to receive communication from Aeriel, the most common form being the ability to receive visions. A Gold or Silver Sect Ascended would light multiple braziers with Aengul fire, and meditate before them. Using the connection to Aeriel would be an attempt to receive information from her, and depending on the skill and urgency of the message it may be conveyed more quickly. This requires LT/GM/Admin approval.


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