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The Aenguls are a great race, the first on Aegis who walked the land before the conception of mortal life. Like Daemons, they are a magical race and part of the AenguDaemonic Pantheon.

Aenguls are widely held to be incarnations of Light. Supposedly created as instruments of enlightenment, they take on many forms and interfere in mortal affairs that correlate to their personal objectives or schemes.

Known Aenguls

Not many Aenguls are known, as only a few ever have direct connections with the mortals. Only those that have truly shown themselves to the mortals with their powers are true known Aenguls, though there are legends of many more.

- Aeriel - Arch-Aengul and Caretaker of Souls. Patron of the Ascended.

- Cernunnos - The Great Huntsman, The Green Man, and The Horned God. One of the Aspects, patrons of the Druidic Order.

- Cerridwen - The Green Lady, Goddess of Life, Mother of The Morn, and Lady of Light. One of the Aspects, patrons of the Druidic Order.

- Eshtael - Aengul of Balance.

- Gazardiel - Aengul of New Beginnings.

- Malchediael - Aengul of Courage.

- Nemiisae - The Shadow of Death, Grandmother Spider, and Woman of The Moon. One of the Aspects, patrons of the Druidic Order, and Matron of the Mori'Quessir.

- Sokar - Aengul of Endings.

- Tahariae - Aengul of Purity and Justice. The Vehement Judge and The Prophesier of Light. Patron of the Clerics.

- The Wandering Wizard - A mysterious Aengul that wandered the realm of Aegis and shortly Asulon.

- Wyrvun - Lord of The Deep Cold.

- Xan - Aengul of Order and Guardianship. Lord of Sunlight. Patron of the Paladins.

- Yeu Rthulu - Aengul of Contentment and Compassion. Patron of The Augurs of Yeu Rthulu.

- Zecharael - Once-Aengul of Justice. Slain doing battle with Iblees.