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Dark Magic is the term used to refer to all magic that originates from Iblees the Archdaemon, or some other unorthodox or negative supernatural source. By and large these magics are viewed as being a source of evil and destruction due to a combination of their origins and the people who have used them. Their wielders are often labelled as outcasts, sorcerers, warlocks, and a whole slew of demeaning and shaming terms. Despite this, some users of Dark Magic have attempted to put their practices in a better light through the invention of various arguments and philosophies with the end goal of normalizing what has been, for many years, considered nefarious.

On LotC Dark Magic functions like all other magic types, in that acquiring it requires a player character to seek out a Teacher, and to post (and have accepted) an MA after the teacher agrees to teach. Despite some of these magics technically being considered Deific, they are classified as Dark Magics because of their nature and origins.

Usable Dark Magics

- A form of Shamanism in which the user bends Spirits to their will through forcing them to divulge their true name.
- The magic of Descendant women who sought vengeance or immortality. Otherwise known as Frost Witches; hailing from the lands of Skjoldier with an unknown past.
- A dark boon created by Iblees that allows the hosts to manipulate their tainted and corrupted aura, entirely independent of Iblees. This gift, or rather curse is known to bring many troubles to the user and those around them.
- A foul art based around the manipulation of ghosts and spectral entities through a substance called ectoplasm.
- The manipulation of one's own blood, or the blood of others, to empower spells or use unique abilities.
- The creation and manipulation of magical fire that eats away as a creature's soul, and the binding and summoning of demons known as Inferis.

Shelved Dark Magics

Dark Magic that once was, now reduced to history alone. These Dark magics cannot be learned, and only exist in lore. However, it is possible that through an approved rewrite, one or multiple of these magics may come back for players to learn.

- A form of magic focused specifically on creating reinforced contracts, upon entering the land of Vailor practitioners began to dwindle until none still possessed the knowledge of its use.
- A Necrotic practice utilized by the Undead, servants of Iblees. The boon was lost once the Nether was sealed and Iblees began his conflict with Aeriel.
- The lost magic of the Black Scourge, they had the powers provided by the Draakar Setherien; used by Harbingers and select mortals alike they wrought havoc with mind magic and frostfire. Returned in another form by the Draakar Azdromoth.
- This magic comes in two forms; Fi'hiiran'seth which is to drain Void based magics, and Fi'hiiran'acaele which is to drain all deity-based and dark magics.
- The art using the raw essence of life itself, an energy called "life-force." A Necromancer is capable of reanimating corpses and life-draining, as well as cursing and corrupting the world around them.
- Undead manipulation of life-force for warding and the use of dark abilities.
- The voodoo-like manipulation of others through a connection to their soul.

Last Revised: 13 - 05 - 2020

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