Trading Hubs

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Trading Hubs

Trading Hubs are locations spread all throughout Almaris. They each contain a variety of harvastable nodes, and one quarry each.

The Northern Rest

The Northern tree post is located in the Northern region of Almaris. The landscape is covered in bright white snow and is surrounded by a variety of lovely maple trees. The Rest also contains a variety of different harvestable nodes, such as: spruce, dark oak, diorite, and a different variety of ice nodes (packed, blue, and normal).

The Southern Outpost

The Southern Outpost is located in the Western portion of Almaris. The Outpost is surrounded by red sand and terracotta. This Outpost has a variety of harvestable nodes, such as: terracotta, acacia wood, bone blocks, birchwood, granite, coral blocks, and dead bushes.

The Eastern Trade Port

The Eastern Trade Port is located in the Eastern section of Almaris. The Port is surrounded by sand, and a few apple trees. The nodes that you can harvest there are: coral, sand, oak, birch, andesite, seagrass, and sea pickles.

The Western Trade Post (WIP)

The Western Trade Post is in a beautiful forest surrounded by large oak trees. The Post has dirt paths leading out of it, with some apple trees along the roads. The harvestable nodes there are apple-wood, oak, spruce, and dark oak.