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Aevos Ressource Node Gathering Guide

This page will act as both a history and a guide for new players.

Before we get started allow me to give a few tips:
1) Wooden planks can be gained by clicking on a wood node with your fists
2) You can right-click or left-click on the blocks to harvest them

Cloud Temple Ressource Island

Upon the Cloud Temple Resource islands, all available building materials can be found.

Nations Mines

Nations Mines are the only places where you can find the following:

Material Location Tool Needed
Iron Ore Nation Mine Stone Pickaxe
Gold Ore Nation Mine Iron Pickaxe
Redstone Nation Mine Iron Pickaxe
Lapis Nation Mine Iron Pickaxe
Obsidian Nation Mine Iron Pickaxe
Cobblestone Some Nation Mines Wooden Pickaxe

Special & ST Nodes

Special Nodes here are classified as nodes that are ST signed, however, do not require ST oversight in order to obtain. These nodes include:
Herbs - Herbs are special nodes that are useful in common roleplay, medical roleplay, smithing & Alchemy. Each herb carries different properties, is located in a different region and has different uses. in order to gather these you need Alchemy Shears.

Row One Row Two Row Three
Nothing Gold Block Nothing
Nothing Nothing Iron Block
Nothing Nothing Nothing

Minor Material Nodes - Minor Material Nodes are special nodes that work much the same as Hub and Nations nodes, however, these nodes are special in the fact that they are used for forging, common roleplay, and magic-related uses. In order to mine these nodes, you need a Hammer and Chisel.

Row One Row Two Row Three
Nothing Iron Block Nothing
Nothing Stick Iron Block
Nothing Golden Pickaxe Nothing

And lastly Major St Nodes. All these nodes are mined differently. They Require ST oversight. To do this you must made a Sreq like so: "/sreq i want to mine this node!". All need to be mined differently. You need to find the knowledge of how to RPly mine these nodes in-game. However, you can find more information about ST crafting and Nodes here: Click me-Nodes Changelog! and here: Click me-Compendium of Material Knowledge!!

I hope this guide has been of some use to you!

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Created by: JoshBright