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The Hookah Interface.
Example of someone crafting finished Cactus Green using the Hookah.
Clicking this button will combine any ingredients put into a drug if the recipe is correct.
Displays what drug is currently in the Hookah and how many charges (uses) are left in it.
Clicking this button will light any drug you insert into it, allowing it to be used.

The Hookah is a plugin that was first introduced on March 11, 2017, but was then disabled during the start of Almaris until June 5, 2022 in the High Skies Update due to the odd storage system the code had. The Hookah's physical form is a Brewing Stand.


The interface is as follows per the image on the right.

  1. Ingredient Slots: These are the 4 possible ingredient slots for crafting.
  2. Drug Slot: This slot will contain the resulting drug of any crafting that happens in the Hoo-Kah. This slot is also used when the player wants to light a drug for consumption.
  3. Combine Ingredients button: If all the required ingredients for a recipe are contained within the Ingredient Slots, they will be removed from the Hoo-Kah and the corresponding drug will be created in the Drug Slot. (May be shift-clicked to create a stack)
  4. Info Paper: When hovered over, the info paper displays information about this Hoo-Kah.
  5. Light Drug button: Burns the drug currently in the Drug Slot and adds charges to the Hoo-Kah accordingly.


(Notes: Unsure if these are all of the recipes, only ones I could find.)

Cactus Green: The infamous drug that has been around since the beginning of the server. It applies pulsating confusion effect on consumption while relaxing the user at the same time.

  • Ingredients: 1x Cactus Green, 1x Grass

Black Cactus: A variant of Cactus Green. It is believed that Black Cactus is cultivated from a very rare breed of dark cactus. If consumed, the user will appear to have very slow movements in addition to feeling very relaxed.

  • Ingredients: 1x Cactus Green, 1x Fern, 1x Ink Sac, 1x Coal

Pure Quartz: An unforeseen byproduct of alchemy discovered by Eath’Lur. This mixture of ingredients provides a very powerful rush to those who consume it.

  • Ingredients: 1x Quartz, 1x Glowstone Dust, 1x Cocoa Bean, 1x Fern

Blueberry Cactus: A drug famous for its fruity taste, smell, and vigor. Those who consume it will experience a fast acting and high intensity ride.

  • Ingredients: 1x Blue Orchid, 1x Cactus Green, 1x Light Blue Dye, 1x Fern

Eternal Leaf: A drug that has special healing properties. It rejuvenates anyone who takes a whiff of it's essence.

  • Ingredients: 1x Grass, 1x Fern, 1x Vine

Ice Kiss: This drug sends chills through anyone who takes a hit of it. It has a minty taste and is very cold to the touch.

  • Ingredients: 1x Snow Ball, 1x Allium, 1x Vine

Baby's Brain: This makes the user return to their innocent youth, making them act and feel like a baby. Use with caution.

  • Ingredients: 1x Mushrom Stew, 1x Cactus Green, 1x Fern

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