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The Persona

A Persona is the basis for everything you'll learn or do on Lord of the Craft. In essence, Personas are Characters or Character Cards, different people who you play. One persona might be a strong Orc who enjoys raiding villages while another might be a crafty and nimble wood elf who values peace. Each Persona has their own Money, Bank, Name, Race and Age in order to allow you to play multiple characters separately. Purchasing higher levels of our VIP packages will enable you to make more Personas!

Persona Card

Personas store a wealth of information about your character and below you can find a list of these things!

Field Description
Name The name of your persona, such as Billy Bob!
Race The Race of your persona, such as Elf, Orc, Human, or Dwarf
Gender The Gender of your character, it can either be Male, Female, or "Other" (If it is other it won't show on your card)
Age The relevant age of your Persona in in-character years
Description A little biography for people to read that gives them some idea of what your character is like
Minas (Money) The amount of money your character has in their pockets

Logging in for the first time

When you first login as a whitelisted player, you will be asked to fill the details of your persona. Until you create the details of the persona, you will not be able to walk or do anything else.

The first question is about the name of the persona. Sometimes a question does not appear, so remember that the first thing you will type in Lord of the Craft server will be the name of the persona. Do not worry though, you may change the name of the persona later if you chose wrongly with /persona name <new name>. b69947f6c401bc53b47eaa463f70fc2f.png

Next, you will be asked to type the gender of your persona. Simply type female, male, or other, if you don't want to state the gender, or if the gender doesn't exist, as is in the case of several creatures, such as golems, dread knights and wraiths. 27f8e32fcc6177de44803cd128547335.png

Next, you will be asked to type the race of your persona. Different races have different racial perks and abilities, these even existing in different sub-races.


509a18b979876ce6086c256d745a639e.png Available Races.png

The age is next, only between 5 and 1000, and don't forget to make it fit with your race. There can't be a 300 year old human for example. You can then chose if you want the age of the persona to be changed automatically or manually. Aging a persona automatically means that on each new year in the world of Lord of the Craft, the age will raise by one. It follows the Time and Calendar of the realm. If the auto aging is set to automatic, humans will even gain a boost in the nexus profession experience point gain.


After answering about the age, your persona is complete, and you may start playing your story.


You may change the details of the persona and do other things. For such, there are a few commands you can do.


Brings you all the commands you can do.

/persona view [Username] OR /card [Username]

Allows you to view your own persona (if you don't add a name), or another's persona (if you add a name). You may alternatively use Template:key + Template:key on a player to view their persona.

/persona name [New name]

Changes the name of your persona.

/persona prefix [Prefix]

A prefix is a title or condition that your character has. It will appear between brackets. Example: Injured will appear as [Injured] before the name of the character.

/persona clearprefix

Removes a prefix if one has been created before.

/persona addinfo [Bio]

With this you can add details and information about your characters that others can be read on your character card. Information about what is visible in the persona's looks or way of acting should be added, and not backstory or information that other characters can't know. You can keep adding more bio by repeating the command.

/persona clearinfo

Removes the bio written.

/persona time

Shows how long the persona has been played.

/persona created

Shows when the persona was created.

/persona icon

Saves your skin as the persona you are currently on's icon.


You can now add art, url's, amongst many other customization options with the help of the CEX plugin. All you need to do in order to access the plugin is type in the command /cex. It should prompt you with the following:



This is an interactive menu, and you can easily click on each command for further elaboration. A card that's customized with the most simple features of CEX looks something like this:


If you look closely, you can see that the "name", "age", and "description" boxes have turned green instead of the default blue. The command used to do that was /cex cardcolor green. The colors that you can use are pretty much the basic colors such as green, yellow, red, gray, and things of that liking.

Changing Personas

To change or create a new persona, you have to access the menu. To do that, simply type /menu. Then click over the Steve head, it brings you to the persona menu.


After clicking you access the Persona menu.

New Persona Title.png

From top left to bottom right:

Book - Help menu.
Golden Apple - Persona modifiers
Enchanted book - See what soul pillars your Soulstone is bound to.
Nether star- Summon your Soulstone.
Comparator - Check how many personas you can use.
Steve Head - Created Persona.
Skull Head - Persona slot that can be created.
Wither Head - Persona slot that can't be created.

For use of personas, the Comparator tells you how many personas you may have. Steve heads are the Personas created, you can change between personas by clicking on the right head. Skulls permit you to create a new Persona, and wither heads appear when you can't create more personas.

Each time you change or create a new persona, a new money account, and skill set is being changed. As long as you don't delete your persona these will remain and only change as you play that persona. When you change persona you teleport to the last spot you played said Persona, and your inventory changes to that of the new persona.

Persona Modifiers

As you play on a Persona, you can gain modifiers that affect certain mechanics such as your Soulstone. A new persona will start out with two Soulstone slots on a ten minute cooldown. As you play on a Persona, you will gradually unlock more Soulstone slots and reduce the cooldown on it, allowing you to travel more quickly around the map and to a larger variety of locations.