Petty Thievery and Heisting

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Petty Thievery and Heisting

The following are guidelines on how to mechanically conduct theft and heists on the server.

Petty Thievery

Breaking down obsatcles

If one encounters an obstacle such as a door or trap door and wished to pass through, they must perform an emote describing the action taken, and afterwards one can execute the commands listed below to open up the obstacle.

One must always emote performing the action. Example: Thomas Robertson would move to kick the door down

After emoting, one may use the following commands to achieve their desired outcome.

  • /lockpick - to attempt locking picking the door. This must be done in the #rp or #q emote channels
  • /bash or /breakdown - to attempt breaking in. This must be done in the #rp or #s emote channels

After the roleplay, one must place down a sign to indicate the roleplay that took place, such as the door is broken or there being footprints, etc.

Example: There are muddy footprints all over the floor.

If one is unable to place a sign down due to region permissions, one can /modreq to contact a mod for assistance.

One can only enter locations that are accessible mechanically as per server rules.


  • A chest refers to all storage containers, i.e: barrels, shulker-boxes, furnaces, hoppers, etc. Containers such as lecterns, bookshelves and armour-stands can only be stolen from during a Heist.
  • Unlocked chests (excluding shop-chests) can be stolen from without limitations, following a sufficient emote.
    • One must create a /modreq to lockpick locked or shop-chests.
  • At a successful lockpick of a chest and/or shop-chest:
    • only a maximum of one-half (rounded down) can be taken from a single stack.
    • Only one slot per target chest may be looted. This is to prevent unique (singular) items from being stolen.
  • If the target item can be stacked with others inside the same chest (or shop-chest), a member of the Moderation Team can condense these before splitting the full-stack.
  • One can loot items from a shulker-box (within a chest) but a shulker-box, unless empty, cannot be taken


  • One must create a /modreq before an act of vandalism.
    • A member of the Moderation Team will supervise the event and make the required alterations in-game.
  • One must request region owner permission for major alterations, such as: destruction of structures, arson, explosions, etc.
  • Minor alterations, such as graffiti, propaganda or minor destruction like breaking windows, doors, banners, etc. can be done without region owner approval.
  • Signs must be placed down to describe the scene. If one is unable to place a sign down due to region permissions, one can /modreq to contact a mod for assistance.