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Red Parrot.webp
Tyrus the Parrot
Race: Bird (Aviary)
Health Points: 1
Orenian Aviary
Celia'nor Aviary
Balian Aviary
Haense Aviary
Krugmar Aviary
Norland Aviary


Aviaries and Birds is LOTC's way of long-range roleplay communication. With the use of /msg outlawed to send IRP messages now people are forced to rely on Aviaries. The plugin was developed and coded by the Tech Team on LOTC and it is an LOTC-exclusive plugin.

What is an Aviary

Aviaries are buildings where you will be able to send and receive birds. They are the only location where you will be able to do this.

How they work

Aviaries can be found in most major cities, settlements, Cloud Temple, the four directional hubs, and other various spots scattered across the map. All you have to do is go into an aviary with a Piece of paper that you can write on with the use of /notes write (message). Followed by typing /aviary send (McName/IGN), then select the persona from the list shown to you in chat. Then a bird will fly off with the letter. After a few minutes (2 to 5 mins, based on where you are on the map), the other player will receive a message saying that they have received a letter. To receive the letter, they will have to go and execute the command /aviary mail at a nearby Aviary in order to be given the letter item. Though, be careful; birds can be killed while flying away with the use of a bow or crossbow, and your note will be dropped from the dead bird and will be able to be picked up by other players.

How to get one

The PRO (Primary Region Owner, Often the Nation Leader/Settlement Leader/Lair Leader) of a Nation's Capital, Nation Subregion/Vassal, Mercenary Camp, Independent Lair, or Settlement may get an aviary. In order to do this, they must make a /modreq asking for a moderator to set one up, however, they must have the build done in advance and be able to house and send out birds.

Command List


  • /aviary mail - receiving a note/bird
  • /aviary send (Ign) - sending a bird


  • /notes write (text) - write a note
  • /notes sign - sign with your RP name and IGN
  • /notes color - change the color of your text when you write notes
  • /notes copy - hold the note in one hand and paper in the other to make a copy of the note
  • /notes erase (#) - erase the last X words you write


How can I get paper?

You can collect paper in-game by purchasing it from local vendors found within major cities and settlements, or you may craft it using the vanilla Minecraft recipe which involves sugarcane.

How many health points do birds have?

Birds have only one health point, meaning that they can be killed with just a mechanical punch.

Can I send birds to people that are offline?

Yes, the Aviary plugin allows players to send notes to other players that are offline. However, for the offline player to receive the note they must log on and execute the /aviary mail command.

Does my bird fly all the way there?

No, your bird will mechanically vanish after it flies an unknown distance of blocks away from its original location. Though, your message will still arrive at its designated location.

What happens if I use /msg for birds?

Previously the /msg command was used for sending long-distance roleplay messages however, with the addition of the Aviary Plugin, rules were changed which now prohibits using /msg to communicate to other players in roleplay. Doing such currently, will result in an infraction.

Can I rally with other methods?

Rallying through other methods is now also against the rules, this includes:
discord messages and ping, and forums messages unless via a raid bell or some other lore-approved method


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