Siege of Trier

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The Siege of Trier
Part of the Santegian Rebellion
Siegr of Trier, 1619
Date: 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1619
Location: Trier, south of Aleksandria
Result: Coalition Victory
Followed by: The Surrender of Oren
The Second Axionite Coalition:
SavinArms.png Kingdom of Santegia
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
Principality of Veris
Holy Orenian Empire and allies:
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
imperialorenia.png Principality of Evreux
Commanders and leaders
The Second Axionite Coalition:
SavinArms.png Abdes, King of Santegia
Urguan Emblem.png Grand King Gror Ireheart
norland.png Artyom, High King of Norland
Lord Adalwulf Horen
KRUGMARFLAG.png Kuntklobbera, Rex of Krugmar
Kalalian, High Prince of Veriss
Holy Orenian Empire and allies:
imperialorenia.png John V, Holy Orenian Emperor
imperialorenia.png Peter II, Holy Orenian Emperor
imperialorenia.png Henry, Prince of Evreux
Haense Arms.png Stephen, King of Hanseti-Ruska
LorraineSavoy Arms.png Leufroy, Archduke of Lorraine
The Second Axionite Coalition:
7000 humans, orcs and dwarves
Holy Orenian Empire and allies
2000 humans
The Second Axionite Coalition:
~1500 dead
Holy Orenian Empire and allies:
~1900 dead

The Siege of Trier was the second and final major battle between the Kingdom of Santegia and their allies against the Holy Orenian Empire and the Principality of Evreux during the Santegian Rebellion. The siege was a result of a Coalition victory against Oren after they led a attack on Castell. The siege, which was six months long, was a sift victory for Santegia and its allies thus ending the war with Oren surrendering and with Evreux being dissolved.


The Battle of Castell was a major stepping point in the lead up to the Siege on Trier. After the Battle of Castell was one the Santegians marched down towards Trier to start a six month long siege, where the fates of of both kingdoms and their allies where soon to be unfolded.