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Gror Ireheart
"“There is always a way out, it's called winning.””

Grand King of Urguan, Ruler of the Dwarves
Reign: 1612-1624
Predecessor: Bastion Ireheart
Successor: Zahrer Irongrinder
Born: 1400
Spouse: Rosa Romstun, Olenna Ireheart
Parents: Rukh Ireheart
Children: Utak Ireheart, Grykham Ireheart
Direwolf: Azmoroth and Kavir (Deceased)

Gror Ireheart, also known as Gror 'the Fat' by his kin, is a former Grand King during the time of the Third Grand Kingdom of Urguan.




Gror Ireheart was born in the year 1400 to Rukh Ireheart and an unknown mother. He is a descendant of Roggar Ireheart and remains one of the few Irehearts that descend from his line. Though he bears resemblance to his grandfather, it is often said that he moreso takes after his great grandfather, Kragor Ireheart, in all but appearance. Axel Ireheart once referred to Gror as "Kragor reborn" due to his talent for hunting the descendants of Krug and his combat prowess. Gror is considered tall for a dwarf, standing at four foot and five inches. Being a descendant of Roggar, he has very little hair on his head and in his early years, he was easily recognized by his entirely bald head. Contrary to what his nickname would suggest, Gror is not overweight but rather muscular. In accordance with Ireheart tradition, his body and head are covered with warpaint and tattoos and he wears a feather behind his left ear.


Utak Ireheart (Alive) - Son of Gror and Olenna

Grykahm Ireheart (Alive) - Son of Gror and Olenna

Dain 'Ironspine' Ireheart (Deceased) - Son of Gror and Unknown, he is known for challenging Kilmar Ireheart to an honor duel for Clan Father which ultimately led to the death of Kilmar. He was later challenged by another Ireheart and defeated in the duel, leading to his own death.

Rosa Romstun (Deceased) - Wife of Gror, married for political gain in the form of an alliance with House Romstun. She was later tested in her loyalties to Urguan when Gror declared war on House Romstun alongside the Holy Orenian Empire. When faced with the decision, she betrayed Gror and was handed over to the Empire. She was sentenced to death by Gror and was beheaded in the Imperial Palace. It was later uncovered that House Romstun and the Frostbeards conspired to have Gror assassinated by Rosa.




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