Peter II, Holy Orenian Emperor

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Peter II Sigismund
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1619 - 1636
Coronation: 1619, Mardon, Oren
Predecessor: John V
Successor: John VI
Ser Aeternius of Metterden
Ser Theodore Gray
King of Mardon
Reign: 1608 - 1636
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: John VI
Born: 21st of the Deep Cold, 1591
Johannesburg, Oren
Death: 13th of Malin's Welcome, 1651
Aeldin (aged: 60)
Spouse: Elizabeth of Alba
Issue: Alexander Jrent (Illegitimate)
William Jrent (Illegitimate)
John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor
Prince John, Duke of Marna
Priscilla, Princess Imperial
Princess Margaret
Prince Charles, Duke of Furnestock
House: Horen
Father: Philip I
Mother: Adeline of Savoy

Peter Sigismund, also known as Peter II (High Imperial Petrus Sigismundus; Savoyard: Pier Sigismundo; Hansetian: Petyr Siegmund) (21st of the Deep Cold, 1591 – Present) called the Troubadour of the House of Horen, was the second Holy Orenian Emperor of the Sixth Empire from the deposition of his uncle - the self-proclaimed Lord Protector Robert of Marna - in 1619 until his disappearance and presumed death in 1636. He was his father's second son by his undemonstrative empress-consort, Adelina Augusta of Savoie, sister to the Duke Jon Renault. Upon his abdication in 1636, he was succeeded by his own firstborn son, John VI.



Upon the death of his older brother, John V at the Siege of Trier, Peter ascended the throne, and accepted a truce with the Kingdom of Santegia, recognizing their conquest of the former Orenian vassal of the Principality of Evreux. Peter soon recognized several problems within Oren, that had come about during his brother's reign. The nobility had been fairly unhappy with the John V's reign, as it saw House of Romstun rise to power. Along with that, the loss of the Battle for Castell had caused a some of the nobility to doubt John V's leadership.

War against the Romstuns

Determined to gain back the support of the nobility, Peter launched a war against House Romstun, leading to their removal from power in Oren. With the Romstuns out of power, much of the nobility came to accept the rule of Peter II. Following this, Oren stabilized and began to slowly grown in power. Peter, no longer satisfied with the capital, decided to take to task building a new capital, which would later become the city of Adelburg. Following this, he worked to keep Oren a dominant power for years.

War of the Beards

As his reign neared its tenth year, Peter secured an alliance with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, whom had traditionally been aligned with other Coalition nations. Soon, Oren would have to back up its newfound ally in the War of the Beards. However, Oren's act of entering the war provoked other nations to enter the war. The war went poorly for Oren, with the majority of their army being killed or captured during the Siege of Fort Kovakirr. The loss of this war put Peter back into a position which his older brother had been in. Great portions of the human nobility blamed Peter for the loss of the war, believing that they could have won the war, or should not have been a part of it. With the loss of the war and portions of the nobility upset with his reign, Peter chose to abdicate his throne to his heir, John VI, who was soon after murdered and slain in his own throne room by Canonius Horen.


Peter Sigismund married Elizabeth Christine de Morvelyn, Duchess of Alba, to which he had three sons and two daughters with. Peter also had two bastard sons by way of Aloisa d'Amaury, Alexander Dragas Jrent and William James Jrent.

Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor 18th of the Amber Cold, 1625 Deceased Unwed Successor of Peter II Sigismund, former Holy Orenian Emperor. Slain by Arpad Ivanovich.
Prince John, Duke of Marna 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1626 Missing Unwed Second son of Peter II Sigismund.
Elizabeth, Princess Imperial 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1629 Deceased Unwed Slain by Antonius Horen.
Princess Margaret 10th Malin's Welcome, 1631 Deceased Karl Ludvik, Duke of Alban N/A.
Prince Charles, Prince of Alstion 22th of The First Seed, 1633 Deceased Aloisia-Seia Horen Archchancellor of the Crown of Renatus-Marna