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Abdessamad I
King of Santegia
Prince of Évreux 1619-1629
Duke of Savinia 1598-1629
Duke of Easbourne 1619-1629
Duke of Courland 1619-1629
Duke of Eruthos 1619-1629
Duke of Cascadia 1619-1629
Marqués of Valencia 1601-1619
Marqués of Seville 1601-1629
Count of Veldin 1619-1629
Count of Castell 1619-1621
Count of Cheshire 1618-1621
Count of Aleksandria 1619-1629
Count of Riga 1619-1629
Count of Westmark 1619-1629
Count of Wett 1619-1629
Count of Eastmark 1619-1629
Baron of Savinia 1565-1598
Baron of Curonburg 1619-1629
Lord of Biscay 1620-1629
Lord of Mt. St. Tobias 1619-1629
Reign: 1619-1629
Coronation: 10 Deep Cold 1619
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Leoiarizaltzu de Savin
Daedalus Taitale
Elias de Castro
Born: 8 First Seed 1562
Felsen, Oren
Spouse: Susanne de Castro
House: de Savin
Father: Abdul de Savin
Mother: Salima de Savin

King Abdessamad I, was a notable figure in the second Coalition war and the Santegian Rebellion, in which he created the Kingdom of Santegia with him being it's first King. King Abdes was born in 1562 and is still alive on this day.


Birth and Childhood

Abdessamad de Savin was born in the Capital of the Empire of Oren, Felsen, on the 8th of the First Seed in the year of 1562. He was born in a commoner family, famous in the city for their talent in woodworking, creating the most best and most detailed furniture. He had one older brother, Allaudin de Savin. From a young age, after the Riga War broke out in the Empire, family de Savin was forced to flee to the Caliphate of Khalestine. There he spent most of his childhood until he and his brother went back to the Archduchy of Lorraine to start a new life

Teenage Years

Starting their life in the Archduchy they quickly made their way up to become nobles, starting the Barony of Savinia, with Allaudin de Savin being the baron. Abdes being one of the people in charge of the construction of their new barony. Having also fought in other wars the Empire was involved in, such as the war against the Fenn and the Orcish purge. At the age of 18, Allaudin went missing and Abdes took up on the title of Baron of Savinia, having to deal with tough decisions at a young age already. He was approached in the year 1592 by Tobias Staunton, having to choose for either the Empire, or a house which was a friend to his for many years. He agreed to help out the man and awaited for the Eagle's first action, as soon as Tobias declared himself King of Courland, making the Barony of the Vimmark the Kingdom's base of operations. As soon as that happened, Abdes declared to support Tobias and his cause against Emperor Philip I Frederick. After the war was won, Abdes was granted a duchy on the island of Asul.

Middle Ages

Abdes ruled a few decades as Duke of Savinia under the Kingdom of Courland, having to participate in many wars his Kingdom was in. Such as the war against the Kingdom of Haense and the Kingdom of Mardon after having declared themselves independent from the Kingdom of Courland. However, when House Ruthern decided to rebel, Abdes took up on many roles, not wanting war but instead wanting peace this time. Being a friend to both sides he tried ensuring peace, in this he failed and decided to be neutral in this conflict and await the outcome of the war, ending up in a victory for the Rutherns. After this victory the Kingdom of Courland started to fall apart. After the declaration of the new Empire of Oren, King Joseph I of the Kingdom of Courland dissolved the Kingdom. Being free of his oath, Abdes decided to pledge fealthy for the Emperor of Oren. However, due to some miscommunication amongst the Lords, Prince Henry of the Principality of Évreux and his regent assumed that the Duke was under them, this caused some conflicts, one of these were the Regent attempting to evict House de Castro from its rightful land. Abdes de Savin stood up for his vassals, with Elias de Castro he went to the throne room of Évreux, confronting the regent and the Archchancellor. The Baden and Halcourt did not seem reasonable enough for talks, ending up in a fight between Frederick I Baden and Abdes de Savin. Abdes quickly took down the man, causing him to go unconscious, while Elias and his levymen chased the Regent Arnaud. After having failed to capture the Halcourt Regent, Abdes dragged the Archchancellor to the square of Aleksandria and executed the man himself, only to see him being eaten by ghouls and lynched on the gate afterwards. They occupied the city for a few days and marched out again, showing the Principality what they were capable of. Abdes saw this more of an internal conflict in the Empire, still confused about why this all had to happen, however after word reached his ears of the Empire and the Principality assembling the Imperial army to start with an offensive. Abdes rallied his men and so did the Baron of Castrov, where he was soon joined by the Baron of Mystria, Romanos I.

While the Empire was gathering up their men, Abdes was gaining more allies, having been offered help by many groups coming from the Kingdom of Norland. He was also sent a bird by Gror Ireheart in which the Grand King stated that he'd help out with his full force. However appeared that only Clan Frostbeard came to their aid and that the Grand King simply did not bother, however this act of kindness started a new friendship between the Kingdom of Santegia and the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Then the battle occurred, which was a victory of Abdes, who proclaimed himself King and created the title Kingdom of Santegia. After a victory at the Siege of Trier the Imperial forces were beaten and scattered, causing the Empire of Oren to forward a peace treaty to King Abdes.

After the creation of the Kingdom of Santegia, he ruled for an entire decade and then abdicated to his son Leo de Savin

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Abdes has received and created numerous titles, decorations, and honorary appointments, both during and before his time as King of Santegia.

  • 1565 - 1598: His Lordship, Abdes de Savin, Baron of Savinia.
  • 1598 - 1614: His Grace, Abdessamad de Savin, Duke of Savinia, Count of Veldin, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin, Sovereign of the Order of Eminence, Field Marshal of the Savinian Brigade, Lord Ambassador and Grand Justiciar of the Kingdom of Courland.
  • 1614 - 1619: His Grace, Abdessamad de Savin, Duke of Santegia, Marqués of Valencia and Seville, Count of Veldin, Castell and Cheshire, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin and Sovereign of the Order of Eminence.
  • 1619 - 1625: His Majesty, Abdessamad de Savin, King of Santegia, Prince of Évreux, Duke of Savinia, Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos and Cascadia, Marqués of Valencia and Seville, Count of Veldin, Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Wett and Eastmark, Baron of Curonburg, Lord of Biscay and Mt. St. Tobias, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin, Sovereign of the Order of Eminence and Defender of the True Faith.

The King's present full title: His Majesty, Abdessamad de Savin, King of Santegia, Prince of Evreux, Duke of Savinia, Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos and Cascadia, Marqués Seville, Count of Veldin, Moncloa, Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Wett and Eastmark, Baron of Curonburg, Lord of Biscay and Mt. St. Tobias, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin, Sovereign of the Order of Eminence and the Order of the White Stallion.


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Random Tidbits

  • Did you know... that during the Santegian Rebellion, a group of Santegian raiders, lead under King Abdes, emptied the entire vault of the Kingdom of Haense in a war raid on their newly built capital.
  • Did you know... when Frederick attempted to attack Abdes in the throne room, for a one on one duel, the poor Frederick was winning and after he wanted to deal out the finishing blow with an Alchemical Fire, he failed, letting the bomb blow up in his face, giving Abdes the upper hand in the fight.

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