Principality of Evreux

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Principality of Evreux
Principauté d'Evreux
Coat of arms of the Principality of Evreux
Capital: Aleksandria


Religion: Canonism
Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy
Monarch: Prince Henry Richard
Prince-Regent: Arnaud Sylvestre Halcourt
Preceded by: IMG 3918.PNG Kingdom of Courland
Succeeded by: CuronSigil1.png Duchy of Curon

The Principality of Evreux was a vassal of the Holy Orenian Empire, located on the island of Asul. It was established in 1615, immediately after the dissolution of the Kingdom of Courland. It was ruled by the House of Staunton, with its short lives monarch being Prince Henry Richard.


Declaration of Evereux

The Kingdom of Courland was illegally dissolved on the 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1615, by the treacherous son of King Joseph I Staunton, Prince Henry Richard of Courland, creating the Principality of Evreux. Upon its creation, Evreux vassalized under the Holy Orenian Empire. While this seemed like a good move to ensure they would not get attacked by Oren, it ended up causing many more problems.

Rebellion of the Vassals

The vassalization under Oren caused great distrust among the various vassals of Evreux. Shortly after its foundation, rumors of rebellion began to arise. The Stuantons began to try and talk to their vassals to work out some way to resolve things peacefully, but to no avail. The vassals did not trust the leadership of Evreux. Following these talks, the vassals declared war on Evreux, starting the war know as the Santegian Rebellion.

Fall of Evreux

The war did not last long. The Axionite Coalition came to the aid of the rebelling vassals. Once again, the Coalition managed to beat the Oren. They then sized Alexandria, and disbanded Evreux. During the war, many members of the Stauntons were slain, with only a few surviving.

Culture and society

Majority of Evreux's ruling caste, including its royal house, derived its line from Heartlander roots- and indeed, a good majority of its society embodied the typical troupes of such a culture. However, with their past rulership of northern territory, a noticeable Highlander minority could be seen serving in the kingdom itself, as well as its linguistic and societal aspects of the kingdom.

Being in close contact to the Sultanate of Haria upon Asul also provided Evreux a small but sturdy Farfolk minority.


With the reformation of the Holy Orenian Empire, the Principality attempted to convert from the True Faith to Canonism, though many vassals did not comply with this.


Majority of the kingdom's nobility come from Heartlander stock, including its own ruling family the House of Staunton. Notable families included House Baden, House Halcourt, House Staunton-Hearth, House Palaiologos, House de Savin, and House de Castro.


The Principality was led by the Prince Regent, as the monarch never came of age.

Privy Council

The Privy Council of Courland included leading members of the realm, often vassals who owned great fiefs. The council acted as advisors to the King, who offered their experience and wisdom, to ensure that the governence of the nation remained as efficient as possible. The King wielded the power to veto any decision made by his council.


The official military of the Kingdom of Courland was the Eagle's Vigil, introduced under the reign of Duke Richard. The Vigil was split into two branches, the King's Guard and the City Watch.


The Principality followed the principles of Agnatic Succession, meaning that the eldest male heir was the inheritor of all titles and lands, unless otherwise specified by the monarch.


The principality was located on the temperate plains of Asul, bordering the Duchy of Savinia.

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