War:Krajian Rebellion

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Krajian Rebellion
Part of The Anarchy


Date: 1565-1576
Location: Oren
Result: Imperial victory
  • Dreadlands conquered and dissolved by the Empire
  • Coalition of the Southern Axis Powers destroyed
  • Aggression between the Empire and other signatories of the Axis, leading to the War of Orcish Submission
Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
DominionSeal.png Dominion of Malin
Axis Powers:
Dreadlands Coat of Arms.png Principality of the Dreadlands
ruska arms new.png Kingdom of Ruska
IMG 3918.PNG Kingdom of Courland
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan (until 1566)
Kharadeen Arms.png Sultanate of Haria
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Silver City of Haelun'or
warhawk.png Warhawkian Tribes

Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
imperialorenia.png John II, Holy Orenian Emperor
imperialorenia.png John III, Holy Orenian Emperor
Barbanov.png Peter, Duke of Haense
LorraineSavoy Arms.png Lothair, Archduke of Lorraine
DominionSeal.png Artimec, High Prince of the Dominion of Malin
Axis Powers:
Dreadlands Coat of Arms.png Daniel, Prince of the Dreadlands †
ruska arms new.png Sveneld, King of Ruska †
IMG 3918.PNG Alexander, King of Courland †
Urguan Emblem.png Kardel, Grand King of Urguan (until 1566)
KRUGMARFLAG.png Kharak, Rex of the War Uzg
Kharadeen Arms.png Ashruf, Sultan of Haria
norland.png Hakon Ruric
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Kelthran, Sohaer of Haelun'or
warhawk.png Eraynion and Ereinion, Chieftains of the Warhawkes

The Krajian Rebellion, also known as the Axis War, was a global war that lasted from 1565 to 1576, although related conflicts began earlier, including the Riga War. It involved a majority of the nations within Vailor-including the great powers of the Holy Orenian Empire and the Dreadlands-eventually forming two alliances: the Imperials and the Axis. The Axis powers was consisted of numerous nations and factions that had been attacked by the Empire previously, either as an act of defense or aggression. Many of these nations saw the Empire as a threat to their survival, and wanted to completely dismantle it and its institutions. The war lasted for 11 years, but was mainly consisted of smaller skirmishes on either continent of Vailor as opposed to major confrontations.

The conflict was one of multiple World Wars launched against humanity, and is also the only World War to ever span across two realms, from Vailor to the Isles of Axios. The Imperial victory led to a renewed sense of patriotism within the Empire, alongside a growing pro-Humanity view. These shifts in ideologies also resulted in immense aggression against the members of the Coalition that were not destroyed, including the War Uzg, as what many Imperials saw as punishment for attacking the Empire. These growing hostilities would ultimately result in the War of Orcish Submission, which saw to the destruction and dissolution of the War Uzg.


The Riga War had radically altered the political landscape of Oren, with the defeat of the Duchy of Courland and the defection of the Krajian Hetmanate. Meanwhile, the victorious Carnatian League had gained territory, and the Duchy of Haense was newly formed. Despite strong efforts by the League to prevent a Courlander insurrection, the war's aftermath still caused anti-Imperial nationalism throughout the Hetmanate and Courland.

Courland however, refused to admit defeat and marched its army, recently reinforced by Krajian cossacks and Dreadlandic marauders to the Westmark river, engaging with the Carnatian force at its banks. Courland's victory reinvigorated the war effort within Riga, and support for the war rose, as many Courlanders saw the conflict as a fight against tyranny and oppression. The Emperor, however, was more than displeased by Courland's use of Dreadlandic soldiers in their most recent fight, and immediately ended the war, declaring it an official victory for the Carnatian League.

Duke Alexander, infuriated by the Emperor's decision, would secede from the Empire, crowning himself as King of Courland. Alongside the recently crowned King Sveneld of Ruska, he would become one of many signatories of the Declaration of the Southern Axis, officially starting the largest World War in the Fifth Empire's history.


  • 1565:
    • Following its victory at the Battle of Westmark, the Duchy of Courland secedes from the Holy Orenian Empire, forming the Kingdom of Courland.
    • The Hetmanate of Krajia follows suit, also rebelling against the Empire to form the Kingdom of Ruska.
    • Vailorian Assembly of Southern Axis Powers, or the Southern Axis in Opposition to the Johannian Monarchs, is formed, consisting of multiple nations and factions spread all over Vailor. The Coalition is headed by the Principality of the Dreadlands, ruled by Prince Daniel.
  • 1566:
    • The Grand Kingdom of Urguan breaks off from the Axis Coalition, declaring its neutrality in the conflict.
    • A Carnatian and Imperial coup d'etat succeeds, and the capital city of Riga is taken from King Alexander and given to his young son, Percival II.
  • 1567-1574:
    • Minor skirmishes occur all over Vailor, and the newly settled Isles of Axios, with both sides earning multiple victories against the other.
    • Members of the Axis coalition discover difficulty in finding resources to fuel their war effort.
  • 1575:
    • Emperor John II is forced to abdicate to his son, Emperor John III. Many nobles within the Empire saw John II's deteriorating mental state as a threat to the Empire's chances of victory in the conflict, and felt that John III would be much better suited to lead the Empire.
  • 1576:
    • The Treaty of the Northern Union is formed between the Holy Orenian Empire, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and the Dominion of Malin.
    • Emperor John III launches a naval invasion of the Dreadlands. Upon arrival, the Imperials find that the town has been abandoned and demolished, with its inhabitants nowhere to be found.
    • The Holy Orenian Empire declares its victory in the Axis war, taking the former lands of the Dreadlands for itself. Emperor John III forms the Province of the Dreadlands, making Prince Charles Henry the governor of the lands.
    • King Sveneld is forced into exile, where he dies. His lands are returned to the control of the Imperial crown.
    • Ruskan refugees flee to the Duchy of Haense, increasing the likelihood of Duke Peter receiving the royal pedigree.
    • The House of Staunton is removed from nobility, and are banished from the Empire by Emperor John III.
    • The High Elves are subjugated again, with multiple Imperial overseers put in place to prevent another rebellion.
    • Uruk marauders begin enslaving Imperial settlers within the Dreadlands, raising anti-uruk mentalities in the Empire.