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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Apostolic Kingdom of Ruska
Abosolvic Krolovesto Ruskija
Ruskan coat of arms
Capital: TBD


Government: Hereditary absolute monarchy
First Monarch: Goddard Carrion
Preceded by:

Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
IMG 3918.PNG Kingdom of Courland

The Apostolic Kingdom of Ruska, or known as the Kingdom of Ruska, was an independent state composed of the Crown of Ruska, ruled by a singular monarchy known as the King of Ruska. It was one of the northernmost countries on the central island of Tahn (alongside the Kingdom of Courland) and was composed of a Highlander-majority, with the state itself claiming to be the Realm of All Highlanders. While Ruska had been united with Hanseti for years (following Emperor John III's union of the titles in 1578), the titles were separated in 1610, when Stephen I of Haense granted Hochmeister Sergius the Crown of Hanseti and dissolved the Crown of Ruska. It has since merged to form the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska once again.




Founded in 1411 by Apostolic King Goddard who also ruled as High-Pontiff.

Culture and society

The Kingdom of Ruska revolved around the Highlander culture, this was reflected in the appearance, language and uses of its citizens.




The Church of the Canon was the official religion of the kingdom.


Privy Council

Unlike the more modern councils of the south, Ruska retained the traditional privy council of the monarch, performing specialized duties to each role as seen fit. While the overall positions of the council changed overtime, the typical privy council consisted of the Lord Chancellor, head minister of both the kingdom and the council itself, the Lord Treasurer, minister of the treasury and wealth of the kingdom, the Lord Constable, the chief lawyer and judge, and the Lord Steward or Chamberlain, head of the household. The Privy Council acted as the monarch's first advisers on matters of both the internal and external affairs, and it was normal to see the monarch consult the council before declaring a course of action.

National Duma





The Kingdom of Ruska followed a strict primogeniture succession, similar to that of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, in that only males and sons of females may inherit. The son of the current King would be next in line to the throne. Should the firstborn bear no sons, then the secondborn's sons shall inherit. If there were no males left in the dynasty, then the sons of females would inherit. However, females may not inherit the crown.

The succession of the Royal Throne was constricted to the House of Barbanov from the figure King Peter I, whom derives his line from Emperor Alexander I, son of Emperor Tobias I, and therefore the direct line of the Prophet Sigismund.


The Kingdom of Ruska was to the frozen north of Tahn, where snow was experienced nearly all year round, bordering the Grand Kingdom of Urguan to the east, and the former Crownlands of the Holy Orenian Empire by way of a narrow tunnel through the southern mountain ranges. The impassable Greyspine Mountains surround the kingdom, with the only access points located through the sea to the eastern border and the narrow passage (called the Alexandrine Pass) that was guarded by the mountain-fortress of Metterden to the southern-most tip. The capital of TBD was the most northern settlement in Axios, and one that does not shy away from its concentrated highlander culture. The mountain section surrounding the capital was known as Otto's Spine, and the section of mountain surrounding the mountain-fortress of Metterden was known as Ivan's Spine.

Within the center of the valley between the Spines lies the forests of Rothswood, as well as the giant tundra plains called the Grendin Fields. Lake Burkhart was located to the south west of the kingdom, and was overshadowed by the shear rock face of Mount Moegun. Perched on the mountain are the ancient ruins of previous settlers.

Coat of Arms


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