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Thomas Tarsington-Keint
Baron of Keintania
Predecessor: Corvus Keint
Sucessor: Lope Keint
Born: 16th Deep Cold 1598 Johannesburg, Oren
Death: 13th Grand Harvest 1649 (aged 51)
House: House Keint
Father: Henry Tarsington
Mother: Alice Keint
Spouse: Mariane'a Tarsington-Keint
Children: See Issue

Thomas Tarsington-Keint nicknamed The Lion, was the second Baron of Keintania and leader of the Keintanian Rebellion against the Kingdom of Santegia.



Born in the city of Johannesburg in the year 1598, Thomas was the eldest son of Henry Tarsington and Alice Keint. After Johannesburg was destroyed in 1595, when Thomas was just only two years old, he and his family fled towards the Kingdom of Courland where he remained safe.


Shortly after Thomas and his family fled, Thomas' mother Alice gave birth to her second son with Henry. Thomas, Lope and Richard, his younger brothers, grew a close bond, they would do everything together without a care in the world. Around the age of 10, Thomas was starting to be trained in the art of combat, using a variety of different weapons from swords to pikes but he excelled the most in sword combat.

Teenage Years

At the age of 15 Thomas' father, Henry was murdered on the roads by bandits, and thus Thomas would be in mourning for a couple of years after his murder. Thomas would carry on training non-stop with many types of weapons from arming swords to rapiers. It was until he hit the age of 18 that all his military training came into use, he decided to join the Courlandic Military, unfortunately for him his mother disagreed with his decision stating that he was everything to her and if she lost him she wouldn't be able to carry on trying to persuade him not to join. This did not change his mind for one bit.

Middle Ages

After his brother went missing, during the time after the Santegian Rebellion, Thomas started to take his role in Keintania more seriously, later becoming the Baron of Keintania. Once Thomas came into power, things started to improve for him and his house, more soldiers were being recruited, so much that House Keint became one of the most powerful Houses in Santegia, however this did not last long for him or for Keintania. After a small feud broke out between House Keint and House Vertilla, which later escalated, Thomas declared the Barony of Keintania independent from the Kingdom of Santegia, which later led to the Keintanian Rebellion. From the years of 1638-1649, Thomas and the loyal members of House Keint who sided with him, fought bravely in the Rebellion which ultimately failed when Santegia won the Siege of Keintania. After losing the Keintanian Rebellion, Thomas, the remaining members of House Keint and his most loyal soldiers went into self exilement not being seen on the land of Axios again.

Later life

Upon arriving on the shores of Atlas, Thomas and his loyal followers set up a small military camp planning on rebuilding Keintania once more. After a few years of setting up the camp, Thomas fell heavily ill from pneumonia being bedridden until his final days


On the 13th of the Grand Harvest 1649, Thomas Tarsington-Keint passed away in his bed from pneumonia


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Henry II Tarsington-Keint 1615 Alive Unwed Eldest son to Thomas, current heir to the Barony of Keintania
Royland Tarsington-Keint 1616 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1639 Unwed Second son to Thomas, was killed in the Siege of Keintania
Eldrick Tarsington-Keint 1616 Alive Married Third son to Thomas, his whereabouts are currently unknown
Devona Vertilla 1620 Missing Unwed First daughter to Thomas and Ceona, went missing
Edward Tarsington-Vertilla 1625 Missing Unwed First son to Thomas and Ceona, whereabouts are unknown
Rosina Tarsington-Keint 1625 Deceased Unwed Bastard daughter to Thomas Tarsington-Keint and one of the last remaining members of House Keint
Maximilian Tarsington-Fearhaig 1632 Deceased Unwed First son to Thomas and Kenna, twin to Kate. Eaten by a Goul.
Kate Tarsington-Fearhaig 1632 1637 Unwed First daughter to Thomas and Kenna, twin to Maximilian. Committed suicide after Thomas cut her arm of when she tried to kill him.
Camilla Tarsington-Fearhaig 1633 Missing Unwed Second daughter to Thomas and Kenna, twin to Gabriel
Gabriel Tarsington-Fearhaig 1633 1637 Unwed Second son to Thomas and Kenna, twin to Camilla. Was murdered in cold blood
Ranch Unknown Missing Unwed Bastard son to Thomas and Beth, went missing after his mother's death.
Numa II Tarsington-Keint Unknown Alive Unwed Only daughter to Thomas and Beth.
Julia Tarsington-Keint 1637 Alive Unwed Only child to Thomas and Mariane'a

Titles and Styles

The titles of Thomas changed throughout his life. Before the time of his rebellion his full title was: His Lordship, Thomas 'The Lion’ Tarsington-Keint, OE, Baron of Keintania, Knight of the Order of the Golden Steed, Grandmaster of the Knights of Keintania