Siege of Keintania

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The Siege of Keintania
Part of the Keintanian Rebellion
Siege of Keintania, 1639
Date: 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1639
Location: Keintania, North West of San Adrian
Result: Santegian Victory
Followed by: The end of the Keintanian Rebellion
The Barony of Keintania and Allies:
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Barony of Keintania
The Kingdom of Santegia and Allies:
Santegia Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Commanders and leaders
Barony of Keintania:
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Thomas Tarsington-Keint
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Royland Keint
Santegia and Allies:
Santegia Arms.png Leo, King of Santegia
norland.png Jevan, Prince of Norland
Barony of Keintania and Allies:
800 Keintanian Levymen
1,000 Mercenaries
Kingdom of Santegia and Allies:
2,600 Infantry, 1,000 Archers
Barony of Keintania:
Royland Keint
~1,700 Dead or missing
Kingdom of Santegia and Allies
~300 Dead or missing

The Siege of Keintania was the first and final major battle between the Barony of Keintania and their allies against the Kingdom of Santegia and their allies during the Keintanian Rebellion. The siege was a swift victory for Santegia and their allies, thus ending the Keintanian Rebellion, with House Keint and the Barony of Keintania being dissolved.


The Declaration of Independence was a major stepping stone into the leadup of the Siege of Keintania. After the declaration was declared, a raid, led by some of Keintania's allies, was done upon San Adrian, because of this and the death of Lord Demetrios, more men rallied to Santegia's side, marching to war on Keintania.


Upon seeing the Kingdom of Santegia's banners outside of the Keintana, with lines upon lines of men ready for a fight, the Keintanian cavalry sallied forth to meet the enemy outside the walls whilst the infantry waited atop the walls and reigned down arrows on the enemy while they skirted with allied cavalry.

Upon leaving the fortress the cavalry were swiftly overwhelmed and defeated, therefore leading the enemy forces to enter the Barony to finish off their opponents.

The infantrymen of Keintania had their final stand atop the walls holding enemy forces from gaining any headway for a couple minutes however the number of enemies quickly caught up with them, letting them gain a foothold atop the walls and slaughter all remaining fighters.


Upon the defeat of the Keintanian forces and their allies, House Keint and Keintania was dissolved by its patriach Thomas Tarsington-Keint, many of House Keint have now gone into hiding or have either been executed for their so-called crimes against the Kingdom of Santegia