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Leoiarizaltzu de Savin I
King of Santegia and Haria
King of Santegia 1629-1656
King of Haria 1629-1656
Prince of Evreux 1629-1651
Duke of Savinia 1629-1656
Duke of Eastbourne 1629-1641
Duke of Courland 1629-1634
Duke of Eruthos 1629-1641
Duke of Cascadia 1629-1641
Marqués of Seville 1629-1656
Marquès of Ponzan 1629-1656
Count of Veldin 1629-1656
Count of Castell 1629-1656
Count of Moncloa 1629-1656
Count of Hallowfell 1629-1637
Count of Aleksandria 1629-1634
Count of Riga 1628-1641
Count of Westmark 1629-1641
Count of Wett 1629-1641
Count of Eastmark 1629-1641
Baron of Curonburg 1629-1634
Baron of Keintania 1639-1641
Lord of Biscay 1629-1656
Lord of Mt. St. Tobias 1629-1634
Reign: 1629-1656
Coronation: 1st Malin's Welcome, 1629
Predecessor: Abdes de Savin
Successor: Achilius Horen de Savin
  • Demetrios Palaiologos
  • Delmira de Castro
  • Omar Esfandiyar
  • Abdessamad de Savin y Kharadeen
  • Vanderlise Rothchild
Born: 20th First Seed, 1593
Spouse: Soraya Kharadeen
House: de Savin
Father: Abdes de Savin
Mother: Laila de Savin

King Leoiarizaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin, more commonly known as King Leo de Savin, was the second King of Santegia after his father King Abdes de Savin abdicated the throne, and King of Haria through marriage.


Early Years

Following the reign of his father, Abdes de Savin, Leo de Savin was given large shoes to step into. As king, he tried to follow in his father's footsteps. However, he was forced to fight against the decline of a number of his significant vassals, such as the Merentel and Mauntel. While he ruled well, the declining population among Santegia as a whole, and other Kingdoms, was nearly impossible to combat, thus the once prosperous Kingdom saw many keeps and towns slowly empty out, until he had only a few major vassals left.

Keint Rebellion

Eventually, Leo de Savin would lose another vassal in House Keint. After feuding with Lady Vanderlise, another vassal of Santegia, Thomas Tarsington-Keint was called to trial, though all knew well that the trial would sentence him to death. Rather than face death, Lord Keint chose to rebel from Santegia. He and his house, being one of the largest remaining vassals left in Santegia, were defeated and largely wiped out in the Siege of Keintania. While this was a victory for Santegia, it meant that yet another vassal had been wiped out.

Ending Days on Axios

Shortly after the rebellion, Leo de Savin managed to secure a marriage to Soraya Kharadeen, uniting the nations of Santegia and Haria in the nation known thereafter as the Kingdom of Santegia-Haria. He also faced yet another threat from the upstart Duchy of Curon. While they caused some trouble, their threat on Axios largely vanished after a raid in which Norland was called in to aid Santegia against Curon, resulting in the deaths of a large part of Curon's forces. However, they would meet Curon once more on the battlefield, during the Third Crusade. While initially, they fought with Norland, they ended up being forced to break their alliance with them, and fought against them following the Battle of Rochdale. Not long after this, the Kingdom of Santegia fled by ship to Atlas.

Final days in Atlas

Shortly after arriving in Atlas, the Duchy of Curon once more proved to be a problem. Allying with Marna, Haense, and Reiters, they began raiding Santegia's capital, Presa de Madera. This took a toll on Santegia and its once again ally, Norland. It made it difficult for King Leo to secure land for his vassals, and ultimately he lost a few more vassals as their houses faded into obscurity. Shortly after arriving in Atlas, none of the original vassals Santegia were around, instead replaced by newer, smaller houses.

Things proved that they would only get worse, however, as Marna's king turned all his lands over to Renatus. This forced Haense, Curon, and Santegia to work together in order to try and stop Renatus. This lead to several battles, many of which ended poorly for Leo de Savin and his allies.


After it became clear that the fight against was not going favorably for the Santegia and its allies. At some point, Leo de Savin was approached by Renatus. They wished for him to abdicate the throne so that it could be run by a Horen, essentially turning Santegia into a puppet state of Renatus. Whether it was in order to save himself, his family, or his people, Leo de Savin abdicated. Following his abdication, he disappeared.

Notable Feats

  • King of Santegia-Haria

Reigned as King of Santegia and managed to form a dual monarchy with the Sultanate of Haria, placing him upon two thrones.

  • Reformer

Leo de Savin was/is known as a very progressive figure. He reformed the Santegian education and law system, founding multiple schools, institutes, courts and universities during his lifetime. The systems he issued were by many considered very advanced.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Elsi Onomea 10th of the Deep Cold, 1627 Unknown Unmarried Illegitimate.
Aolani Onomea 10th of the Deep Cold, 1627 Unknown Unmarried Illegitimate.
Catalin Belengera de Savin y Kharadeen 21st of the Amber Cold, 1630 - Unmarried
Abdessamad Mikolaus de Savin y Kharadeen 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1631 - Unmarried
Demetrio Miguel de Savin y Kharadeen 17th of the First Seed, 1635 - Unmarried
Elizalde Carmela de Savin y Kharadeen 24th of Snow's Maiden, 1637 - Unmarried
Juana Isabel de Savin y Kharadeen 3rd of Sun's Smile, 1641 - Unmarried
Andreu Jose de Savin y Kharadeen 2nd of Malin's Welcome, 1644 - Unmarried

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