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House Keint
Kingdom of Renatus (????-1612)
Kingdom of Courland (1612-1641)
Duchy of Curon (1641-1703)
Kingdom of Curonia (1703-1715)
Empire of Renatus (1715–present)
Baron of Keintania (1618-1639)
Lord of Blackden (1650 & 1707-1715)
Baron of Kaath
John Keint (De iure)
Ser Corvus Keint (De facto)
Current Head: Nicholas Keint
Ethnicity: Heartlander
House Motto: "We Take What We Need"
Cadet Branches:
KeintCoatofArms.png House Keint of Blackden

The House of Keint was founded long ago, they lived in Johannesburg, the old capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. The House of Keint was the ruling family of the Barony of Keintania and former vassal of the House of Staunton. The Barony of Keintania was founded by Ser Corvus Keint, Lord of Keintania and Knight of The Order of the Golden Eagle, one of the most loyal men to House Staunton. He also served as a vassal of the County of Hallowfel and the House Merentel. One day he apparently went missing and got exiled, leaving Thomas Tarsington-Keint, his younger brother, in charge of House Keint. They've always been loyal to House Staunton until the Evreux came into power. The House of Keint was best known for its support for the Kingdom of Santegia until the year 1638 where they declared the Barony of Keintania as an independent state from the Kingdom of Santegia when the Kingdom of Courland seemed to of returned.[1] After losing the Keintanian Rebellion, House Keint was ripped of all their titles by the King of Santegia, Abdes de Savin and the Barony of Keintania was annexed by the House of Savin.

Atlas: The Return

Several years after House Keint lost their rebellion, they arrived in Atlas on the south-eastern shores of the Island, led by Thomas Tarsington-Keint, preparing themselves for the storms to come.[2] Lord Lope Keint established a small town in the area known as The East Peak, restoring the House that was disbanded after his brother's defeat. In total, it gathered six hundred residents with the majority of which being farmers and sailors. A few years after its creation the town came into conflict with nearby Dwarven settlements that looked to extend their territory. This eventually led up to the Battle of Blackden occurring, which lead to the execution of Lope Keint and Thomas Tarsington-Keint by the Silvervein clan, and the fall of Blackden, leaving almost none of the original Keints alive.

Cadet Branch of House Keint: House Keint of Blackden

Years after his death Lope´s sons; León Keint and Allanon Keint reformed the House, creating a cadet branch of House Keint, the so called House Keint of Blackden. House Keint lost all their wealth after the battle of Battle of Blackden for the exception of Neothron; Lope’s magical sword. Lionsbane, the family's sword was lost, some claim that traitors that ran from battle stole the sword but others think that Ser Corvus ran with it when he got missing. The family was shattered with only a few survivors.

In more recent years the mantle of Lord of House Keint of Blackden have fallen onto the adopted son of León Keint, Erec Keint, he had over the last decade reconstructed a pirate's nest into a place worthy of calling home, after being granted Blackden by his previous Lord, Thomas de Hartcold. After he departed from Duchy of Riviä, the threat to his family became too big. The Castellan petitioned the Duke of Curon for aid from the Barony of Blackreach's constant threats. And so the Blackden Settlement peace was signed by both Duke Wilhelm Karl Devereux and Erec Keint, who was now head of the house. And from there on out he kept the title of Castellan. A few years had passed, and Erec attended court with his stepfather, where he collapsed in the middle of the Curonic court, much to the shock of those in the court. Since then, House Keint of Blackden have been loyal to the Kingdom of Curon.

House Keint on Arcas

House Keint arrived on Arcas by the hand of Erec Keint, but, after two weeks, Nicholas Keint, the grandson of Ser Corvus Keint, appeared in Arcas. He was exiled with his sister Elissa Keint and his cousin Aria Keint in another continent, Aeldin, or at least that's what people believe. The branch of Ser Corvus needed to leave the continent after The Kingdom of Courland surrendered to the Holy Orenian Empire. Once back in Arcas, the House Keint grouped and started to participate in the courts of Curon and thanks to their loyalty, they were considered as Gentry. Nicholas Keint was awarded with the honour of leading one of the army divisions of the Kingdom of Curonia, so he got the rank of Captain at The Royal Curonian Army.

When the War of Two Emperors triggered, Curon first stayed as neutral, although some of the Curonian Vassals already decided to support Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus. Unexpectedly, after the Battle of Upper Rodenburg, The Kingdom of Curonia decided not to support Renatus. This meant that House Keint was suddenly a traitor, at least, in Curon. House Keint packed up everything and left to Helena, the capital of the Empire of Renatus. House Keint among other Curonian vassals like House of Merentel and House of Bolivar wrote a Denouncement to Curon and Declaration of Fealty,[3] showing Keint's support to Godfrey III among other vassals. In 1718, the sister of Nicholas Keint, Elissa Keint, married Alexander II Merentel, uniting House of Keint and House of Merentel

Original Keint Coat of Arms and Motto
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png