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Keintanian Rebellion
Siege of Keintania, 1639
Date: 1638-1639
Location: Keintania, Santegia, Asul
Result: Santegian Victory
  • Dissolution of the the Barony of Keintania and House Keint.
Barony of Keintania and Allies:
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Barony of Keintania
The Kingdom of Santegia and Allies:
Santegia Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
Commanders and leaders
The Barony of Keintania:
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Thomas Tarsington-Keint, Baron of Keintania
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png Royland Keint †
Kingdom of Santegia and allies:
Santegia Arms.png Leo de Savin, King of Santegia
norland.png Jevan, Prince of Norland
Kaz'Ulrah.png High King Verthaik II Frostbeard of Kaz'Ulrah

The Keintanian Rebellion was a short-lived and failed attempt at independence, which lasted one year between 1638 to 1639 within the Kingdom of Santegia on Asul. The war was fought between The Barony of Keintania, led by Thomas Tarsington-Keint, Baron of Keintania and Patriarch of House Keint and the Kingdom of Santegia, led by Leo de Savin, King of Santegia.

In 1639, the rebellion ended as the Kingdom of Santegia lay siege to the Fortress of Keintania, which was then later won by Santegia leading the dissolvement of House Keint.


At first, even way before Keintania declared independence, House Keint, led by Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint, where at House Vertilla's, led by Lady Ceona Vertilla, throats for a while, however, Keintania's problems did not stop there. When House De Castro joined in the fray of the small scale in fighting, everything went from bad to worse, especially after one of Thomas' allies at the time, Johnathan Cantwell, lost Castrov to the De Castro's, the same people who have him Castrov.

Finally, after many years of Santegian infighting, House Keint, and House Vertilla ended their feud by order of Gonzalo de Castro, husband to Ceona Vertilla. Shortly after the feud was finished, all their work would start to be undone by one of Thomas' Bannermen, who assaulted Lady Ceona in the streets of San Adrian. This same Bannerman would start causing more and more trouble for Thomas and House Keint, one such event was when the Bannerman betrayed his lord, attempting a murder on the Baron, which ultimately failed.

After the attempted murder on his life, Thomas took the law into his own hands, executing the Bannerman outside the tavern in San Adrian, the onlookers who witnessed the event called him a murderer. Not being able to hand all the slurs from nobles and middle-class folk alike, Thomas declared independence for the Barony of Keintania,[1] leaving Santegia and it's King for good.

Major Confrontations


  • 1638:
    • The Barony of Keintania declare independence from the Kingdom of Santegia.
  • 1639:
    • The Fortress of Keintania is besieged, the defending force is easily overwhelmed resulting in a Santegian victory.
    • The Barony of Keintania and House Keint are dissolved after the war, stopping future conflicts.


As a result of the campaign, The Barony of Keintania was destroyed, with the Fortress of Keintania being pillaged and set ablaze and every last Keintanian soldier being killed in the fortress. House Keint would flee and go into exile not being seen on the lands of Axios again.

House Keint would only return a few years later, on the shores of Atlas and the leader of the rebellion, Thomas Tarsington-Keint, dying a few years after that.