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Lope Keint
Baron of Keintania
Predecessor: Thomas Tarsington-Keint
Successor: León Keint
Born: 1600
Death: 1651
House: House Keint
Father: Henry Tarsington
Mother: Alice Keint
Spouse: Lona Keint

Lord Lope Keint, also known as Lord Lope 'The Black Lion' Keint, was the third Baron of Keintania after his elder brother, Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint passed away in 1649. Lope was hanged in the year 1651 after he was captured by a group of silverveins after he lost the small skirmish on his own land, he was to be succeeded by his son Corvus II Keint as the Baron of Keintania, but that it would be later be given to León Keint, due to Corvus II disappearance and hence renouncing his claim.



Lope was born as the second male son of Henry Tarsington and Alice Keint in the Kingdom of Courland. His older brother was the late lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint.


Lope and his brothers Thomas and Richard, had a strong brotherly bond, they would do everything together without a care in the world. At the age of 7 Lope's father, Henry was murdered on the road by bandits, and thus leaving the young boy fatherless. This event would affect his view on justice.

Teenage Years

While his brothers trained with the blade, Lope read and educated himself in the arts of politics and philosophy. Lope never wanted to be a noble man and tended to escape his father's lands to explore the wild and experience the cultures of other races. At the age of 15 Lope fled home for two years. During this time he learned to use the hallebarde by a dwarf. Thanks to his new found skill Lope went into a small crusade hunting down raiders to avenge his father's death. Lope during his teenage years was known for being very promiscuous with women and secretly with men as well. When Lope came back from his two year travel in the year 1617 he was starting to be called the Black Lion do to how his beliefs and personality were so different from those of his brothers and other Keints.

Middle Ages

During his 30es Lope saw his brother Thomas become the head of the family and how he swore fealty towards the Kingdom of Santegia and King Abdes de Savin. Lope liked Santegia as its spirit embodied what he saw was potential for a more enlightened future. Sadly for Lope after a small feud broke out between his Lord brother of House Keint and House Vertilla, which later escalated, Thomas declared the Barony of Keintania independent from the Kingdom of Santegia, which later led to the Keintanian Rebellion. From the years of 1638-1639, Thomas and the loyal members of House Keint who sided with him, fought bravely in the Rebellion which ultimately failed when Santegia won the Siege of Keintania. During the rebelion and after it Lope went into a self exile where he sought to find some kind of way through which his family name and legacy could survive. During this time he married Lona Keint

Later life

In the 13th of the Grand Harvest 1649 after his elder brother's death, Lope became the protector of House Keint until his brother's children were old enough to rule. Lope had only one son; Corvus II Keint.


In 1644, Lope Keint began construction of a new place for House Keint to call home. However, in the process he managed to start a minor conflict with several nearby dwarven settlements. The battle was swift, and only 200 men rallied to Lope, which an additional 100 from House de Hartcold, while dwarves mustered up nearly 600 men all together. This battle was known as the Battle of Blackden The 300 men were killed, unable to coordinate as effectively as the village troops, and ultimately fell. Lope, being the only survivor, was then taken and hung.