List of Haeseni Lord Speakers

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The Lord Speaker of Haense (New Marian: Herzen), officially known as the Speaker of the Duma, is the presiding officer of the Kingdom of Haense's Royal Duma. The title was originally held in conjunction with the office of Lord Palatine, when the Royal Duma was just an advisory body that could be summoned by King and not a permanent legislature, though it was unused following the dissolution of the Royal Duma during King Stephen's reign. The title was restored and separated from the Lord Palatine during the reign of King Marius II of Hanseti and Ruska in 1707 following the renewal of the Royal Duma. Many notable figures in the Kingdom's history have served as Lord Speaker (such as in the case of Lord Edward Morris, Prince Georg Alimar, Lord Sigmar Baruch and Lord Henrik Vanir). The holder of the title is chosen directly by the King, and serves until death, resignation, or removal from the office.

List of Lord Speakers

Advisory Duma

Portrait Birth Death Coat of Arms King(s)
Ser Lukas Vanir
1598 - 1612
(14 years)
lukasvanir.jpg 2nd of Snow's Maiden, 1533
Kraken's Watch, Haense
7th of the Grand Harvest, 1612
Rothswood, Haense
aged 79
see: Second Battle of the Rothswood
VanirCoatOfArms.png Marius I (d. 1611)
Ser Maverick MacDonough
(1 month)
mavmacdon.jpg 6th of Snow's Maiden, 1551
St. Karlsburg, Haense
17th of Malin's Welcome, 1640
Alban, Haense
aged 89
macdoncoa.png Stephen I (d. 1624)

Royal Duma

Portrait Birth Death Coat of Arms King(s)
Edward Morris
1707 - 1710
(3 years)
EdwardMorris.jpeg 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1660
Senntisten, Marna
Deceased Ignoble Marius II (d. 1719)
Georg Alimar
1710 - 1718
(8 years)
180.png 18th of the Amber Cold, 1692
Markev, Haense
23rd of the Sun's Smile, 1720
Reza, Haense
aged 28
Andrew III (d. 1746)
Lerald Vyronov, Duke of Carnatia
1718 - 1723
(5 years)
Lerald1.jpg 14th of the Deep Cold, 1680
Markev, Haense
10th of Snow's Maiden, 1732
Carnatia, Haense
aged 52
Konrad Stafyr
1723 - 1733
(10 years)
Konrad.jpg 5th of the Grand Harvest, 1701
Nenzing, Haense
2nd of the Amber Cold, 1779
Nenzing, Haense
aged 78
Sigmar Baruch, Duke of Valwyck
(20 years)
Duke Sigmar.png 16th of Sun's Smile, 1709
Ayr, Haense
9th of Sun's Smile, 1813
Valwyck, Haense
aged 104
Andrew IV (d. 1754)
Henrik Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland
1753 - 1766
(13 years)
henrikvanir.jpg 1st of the Grand Harvest, 1718
Reza, Haense
9th of the First Seed, 1766
Vasiland, Haense
aged 48
Sigismund II (d. 1776)
Marya Kortrevich, Margravine-consort of Korstadt
1766 - 1774
(8 years)
MaryaKortrevich.png 13th of the Amber Cold, 1740
Ayr, Haense
5th of the Deep Cold, 1791
Korstadt, Haense
aged 51
Kortrevich COA.png
Osvald Barclay
1774 - 1793
(19 years)
OsvaldBarclay.png Unknown Alive BarclayCOA.png
Joseph I (d. 1806)
Position vacant from 1793 - 1797 under Joseph I
Irene Ruthern
1797 - 1809
(12 years)
IrenaRuthern.png 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1759
Metterden, Haense
10th of Malin's Welcome, 1814
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 55
vidaus.png Joseph I (d. 1806)
Heinrik II
Sir Igor Kort
1809 - 1828
(19 years)
IgorArt3.jpg 9th of the First Seed, 1782
New Reza, Haense
5th of the Sun's Smile, 1828
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 46
Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck
1828 - Present
Ruslan Baruch.png 5th of the Deep Cold, 1797
Valwyck, Haense
Alive baruchsimple.png