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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Senntisten, was the capital of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna in Atlas, the Kingdom itself having formed from the loyalist remnants of the Sixth Empire. Senntisten was constructed in the summer of 1642 and inhabited by almost only humans. It housed humans of various cultures such as Sauvergnians, Waldenians and Batavians as well as the Order of Saint Lucien. It was the seat for the Canonist Church.


The City sat atop the twin peaks of Arrav and Kreuzspitze, and stood as a testament to mankind’s domination of the region. From the city flowed the majestic Piscatoris, a fast-moving river whose remarkable purity was depended upon by the agricultural communities of the Marnantine Valley.

Notable Figures

  • Frederick Pius I, King of Marna
  • Henrietta Louise, Queen of Marna
  • Thomas Frederick, Seneschal
  • Marcus von Aesterwald, Marshal
  • Henry d'Anpalais, Treasurer
  • Alexandre d'Aryn, Magnate
  • Aran Talraen, High Steward
  • Gils von Konigsberg, Mayor of Konigsville
  • Eadmunt Estermont, Innkeeper


Senntisten's 'Cloud District' was where the various noble families of the Kingdom live in large manors. These families were:

  • d'Aryn
  • d'Anpalais
  • Talraen
  • Hagelijn
  • Rubens
  • Helvets


In Senntisten one could find various Heartlander cultures. There was a large majority of Waldenians, but also many Sauvergians and Batavians. Each with their according culture obviously.


Senntisten was, being the capital of Marna, a canonist settlement. It housed the Order of Saint Lucien, a military holy order that had the aim of protecting the faith across the realm. It was also the seat of power for the High Pontiff of the canonist faith. Basically any resident of Senntisten was a canonist as it was hard for any people of other faiths to come live there considering that the canonists view the protecting of religious purity in the form of canonism of high priority. This meaning that they dealt violently with any 'heretic' beliefs such as the Red Faith or the imam rashidun or 'heathenous' beliefs such as Aspectism or Brathmordakin. These other religions were often quickly removed from the lands of Senntisten.