Marius I of Haense

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Marius I
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 3 Sun's Smile 1586 - 11th of the Amber Cold 1604
Coronation: 12 Grand Harvest 1595
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Predecessor: Andrew II
Successor: Peter II
Lord Chancellor:
Prince Charles van Bihar
Duke Henry of Carnatia
Lord Lucas Vanir
Born: 12 Malin's Welcome 1584
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Died: 15 Sun's Smile 1611 (aged 27)
Auguston, Mardon
Spouse: Adelaide of Metterden
Issue: Peter II, King of Haense
House: Barbanov
Father: Andrew II of Haense
Mother: Reza Elizaveta of Turov

Marius, regally as Marius I of Haense (Common: Marius; High Imperial: Marius; New Marian: Marus) called The Good, was the third King of Haense under the rule of House of Barbanov. Taking the throne at the age of two, he was under regency led by his uncle, Prince Charles, till his coming of age at 14 becoming the youngest Barbanov to become King of Haense in history. He also was well liked by his people as he respected each and every one of them. Though he lost his title due to the Great Northern War, the people of Haense rallied behind him and his brother Otto I during the Mardon rebellion.


The Coalition War

After his father’s execution, Marius was ascended to the throne under tumultuous circumstances. During the beginning of his reign until Courland was reformed, creating a Coalition against the Holy Orenian Empire. The first battle led to the death of his uncle Prince Charles, thus ending the regency right as Marius came of age. As Axionite forces moved towards victory, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska withdrew its forces and declared autonomy. Following the dissolution of the Holy Orenian Empire and recognition by Urguan, Marius became monarch of an independent North.

The Brawm Rebellion

The aftermath of balkanization and the increasing tension between House Brawm and the Crown of Haense culminated into the Siege of Houndsden in 1600. With ill sentiments rising and defectors within House Brawm emerging, Marius and the Royal Army seized and destroyed the Brawm keep.

Great Northern War

Despite the ripe memory of the Riga War during the reign of Emperor John II, tensions between Courland and Haense remained dormant. However, by 1601, conflict re-emerged at the forefront of the two nations with the killing of Prince Meric Staunton of Courland within the walls of St Karlsburg. Shortly after, Princess Annabelle of Courland was captured and imprisoned in Haense, leading to the Duke of Marna(a prominent Courlander vassal) being assassinated after arriving to negotiate for her release. Outraged, the Kingdom of Courland began a campaign of raids against the Highlander Kingdom. The following year, King Marius issued an ultimatum, demanding an end to the raids. Upon Courland's refusal, Marius declared war, and the two kingdoms clashed at Elba. The battle ended in defeat for Haense, and Courland offered peace in exchange for the king's life and half his kingdom. King Marius refused. War continued and Haense suffered another crushing defeat at the Siege of Vasiland, allowing the Kingdom of Courland to advance toward the capital. On the 11th of the Amber Cold, 1604, having no choice and wishing to spare his capital, King Marius capitulated, issuing a formal surrender to the Kingdom of Courland. Demanded in the peace treaty was the complete dissolution of the Kingdom of Haense, and the division of its lands between Courland and Grand Kingdom of Urguan(which had offered the former military access through its lands).

Exile and Death

In the aftermath of the Great Northern War, Marius sought refuge in the Kingdom of Mardon. After seven years of exile, Marius exuded melancholic tendencies to which he became voraciously dependent on alcohol, consuming large quantities that led him to an early grave in 1611.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Prince Peter II of Haense 3rd of the Amber Cold, 1596 7th of Malin's Welcome, 1611 Unwed Firstborn son of Marius I and Adelaide of Metterden. Died at the age of 15.
Stephen I, King of Haense 15th First Seed, 1596 6th Amber Cold, 1624 Elizabeth of Courland Secondborn son of Marius I and Adelaide of Metterden. Successor to his elder brother, Peter II of Haense, and King of Hanseti-Ruska.

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