Clan Kvitravn

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Clan of Kvitravn
Our Blade Never Dulls
Country: norland.png Norland
Title(s): Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn
Chieftain of Ravnhamlet
Founder: Einar 'The Bear-Slayer'
Current Head: Dominic Kvitravn
Heir Apparent: Halvar Kvitravn
Ethnicity: Norlandic Highlander
Languages: Common, Old Norlandic

Clan Kvitravn (Common: Clan White Raven) is a royally recognized clan of the Kingdom of Norland, which was founded by Einar 'The Bear-slayer' and was given Recognized status. They currently hold loyalty to the Kingdom of Norland, and reside in the Capital of Alisgrad. They are, unknown to most, a cadet branch of the House of Bishop. The Mother of Einar happened to be the bastard daughter of a Bishop patriarch. The Clan is rather unique in terms of physical traits due to their silver white hair, obtained unintentionally through the wife of Hali Kvitravn due to a genetic mishap. All of the modern descendants of the Clan therefore have Silver white hair.

Foundation and early activities


Einar 'The Bear-Slayer'

The Clan was founded by Einar Kvitravn, a Norlandic Bounty-hunter and Warrior who traveled Arcas seeking money in order to properly afford housing within the current capital of Norland, Morsgrad. Einar was later contracted to hunt down the infamous Hyspian outlaw known as Pedro Gonzalez. The young men had a brief scuffle, however the armored and armed Einar overpowered Pedro and brought him to the Hyspian capital of Tierre Natal. After receiving his pay, he enlisted in the Army around the age of 30 to continue having a steady income to support his then four children. After the Inferi War, which Einar participated in alongside a Haeseni Cousin, Einar gathered his Family together and left for Almaris.


Once arriving in Almaris, they were one of the many settlers who helped to build and settle the new capital of Varhelm. After the growth of the Family to Five, Einar began having ambitions of becoming a Jarl of Norland. He began by doubling his participation in the Norlandic Northguard, as well as going to several public events alongside his eldest sons Eyvind Kvitravn and Esben Kvitravn. Despite Einar's steady climb in the Norlandic world, tragedy soon struck the Family after the eldest son of Einar, the aforementioned Eyvind, succumbing to an illness. The entire clan went into mourning, and this only strengthened Einar's resolve to rise in Norland. Eventually during the first Court gathering of Norland, Halvar I decided to recognize Einar and his clan for their dedication to Norland, and specifically their act of patrolling the Ashwood tree that stood in Varhelm during tensions with the Druids. It was around this same time where Einar gained a reputation for slaying multiple bears on hunting trips, and was therefore dubbed 'The Bear-slayer.' Unfortunately on a mission with the Northguard to investigate the missing animals in Elysium, Einar was killed in combat with a Troll, which hit Einar on the head with a Club. This caused Einar's Skull to fracture, killing the man in less than an Hour. His eldest living Son named Esben then succeeded him as Clan Chieftain.

Esben 'The Unready'

After receiving the chieftainship, Esben fathered a boy named Eirik Kvitravn, and mostly kept to himself. He often felt too stressed by the mantle of chieftain, and so after two years of holding the title he passed it to his younger brother Olav Einarsson Kvitravn. By doing so, he skipped over his own infant son and the line of succession had to be reorganized with the third living brother Felix Einarsson Kvitravn becoming the new heir. Esben's two year reign is not exactly note-worthy, and Esben has since decided to live out a private life with his Son in the Kvitravn Estate.

Olav 'The Unseen'

At the time of ascending the chieftainship, Olav was not a particularly well known son of Einar. Olav hit the ground running as chieftain, issuing minor family reforms and instructing his family members to take more active roles in Norlandic society. Around this time he would also begin searching for a wife of his own so he may secure the Kvitravn line. After this, he would begin trying to petition the Norlandic crown for Kvitravn vassalage, but this would be refused time and time again. After a dramatic incident where Olav was rejected by a possible spouse, Olav fell deeply into drinking habits and depression which caused him to be less and less active in the clan. This left most of the day-to-day clan activities to Felix Kvitravn and Caesar Einarsson Kvitravn. From then onward, Olav lived a secluded life where he was hardly heard from by the rest of Norland, much like his predecessor Esben Kvitravn, though he remained in Norland. In this time, he became known as Olav the Unseen and eventually he passed the chieftainship to his only Son, Hali Kvitravn.

Hali 'The Warrior'


Emerald 'The Lucky'


Dominic Ragnarsson Kvitravn


Traditions & Pastimes

The Clan of Kvitravn is known for its many traditions and pastimes, some unique to the Clan and strange to outsiders. As a result, the Clan has earned itself a reputation as honorable to some and hard-headed/stubborn to others within Norland (As an aside, this has led to some rivalries such as the one with Clan Camian). While many of these traditions stem back to the founder of the Clan, some are more recent and still being worked on.

The Trial of the Bear

The Trial of the Bear is a coming-of-age tradition for young Kvitravn adults. It is also called Einar's Trial, as it was a tradition founded by the Clan's progenitor. For this coming-of-age trial, a Kvitravn at the age of 17 must depart into the far north on a quest to hunt and slay a Polar Bear. The young Kvitravn is required to utilize one melee weapon and don either Kvitravn or Norlandic armor. Omission of either of these is a violation of the tradition and the Trial is seen as incomplete. Once a Kvitravn has slain a polar bear, they must make a coat of its fur and return the meat to the Clan to prepare it for a feast.

Chieftains of Clan Kvitravn

The Kvitravns follow Enatic-Cognatic Primogeniture, with the eldest male child of the Chieftain being the heir to the lands and titles of their father. In the absence of children, the titles pass to the Siblings or Cousins of the current Chieftain. There have been exceptions to this; Esben opted to abdicate to his Brother rather than to his Son and Hali opted to abdicate to his Daughter rather than his Son.

Name Portrait Parentage
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Einar The Bear-slayer
Einar Olavsson Kvitravn
NewEinarPortrait.jpg Unknown
Unknown wife
6 Children
Died 6 SA Kvitravn.jpg Founder of Clan Kvitravn
Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Esben the Unready
Esben Einarsson Kvitravn
Esben.png Einar Olavsson Kvitravn
Unknown lover
1 Child
Died 21 SA Kvitravn.jpg Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Olav the Unseen
Olav Einarsson Kvitravn II
Olav.png Einar Olavsson Kvitravn
Unknown lover
1 child
Deceased Kvitravn.jpg Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Hali the Warrior
Hali Olavsson Kvitravn
Hali In Armor.jpg Olav Einarsson Kvitravn
1 SA
Eliza Wolfe-Amaricius
6 children (4 adopted)
Died 29 SA ThirdKvitravn.png Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Emerald the Lucky
Emerald Halisdottir Ferinn Guenevere Kvitravn
Emerald.png Hali Olavsson Kvitravn (adopted)
4 SA
Aruan Ferinn de Astrea
1 child
Unknown (Presumed Deceased) ThirdKvitravn.png Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Dominic Kvitravn
Dominic Ragnarsson Kvitravn
Armored Dominic Portrait.jpg Ragnar Halisson Kvitravn
66 SA
Milki Kvitravn (Unmarried)
5 children (1 adopted)
Alive ThirdKvitravn.png Chieftain of the Kvitravns
Chieftain of Ravnhamlet