Einar Kvitravn

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Einar 'The Bear-Slayer' Kvitravn
Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn
Tenure: 1790-6 SA
Predecessor: Created Title
Successor: Esben Kvitravn
Born: 1740, Morsgrad, the Kingdom of Norland
Died: 13th of the Deep Cold, 6 SA, Elysium(Norlandic town), the Kingdom of Norland
House: Clan Kvitravn
Spouse: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: 6 (2 adopted)
Wars fought: The Inferi War

Einar Olavsson Kvitravn, Also referred to as Chieftain Einar, Bear-scar, and more commonly Einar the Bear-Slayer, was a Norlandic Warrior, Bounty Hunter, and Chieftain who founded Clan Kvitravn.

Early Life

Einar was born in the City of Morsgrad around 1740 FA. He was almost immediately abandoned by his Mother, leaving his Father to raise him by himself. For several years, Einar was taught intensely about the Red Faith, unarmed combat, and armed combat. His father was often both neglective and abusive, once leaving Einar out in the frozen north for a Month when he was only 12 in order to teach him how to survive. When Einar was 14, He killed his Father in a hunt in order to escape his constant abuse and to try and make a life for himself. He took the name 'Kvitravn' and began wandering around Norland and eventually Arcas. As he grew into a young adult, Einar began taking the odd Bounty to hopefully save up for a better life.

When he was in his mid-20s, Einar met and married a young Norlandic woman whos name is lost to history. Together, the pair sired four children and bought a house in Helena. At the outbreak of the Rubern War, Einar decided it would be best to move the family back to Norland where he believed they would be safer. Unfortunately for Einar and the family, his Wife was killed by Orenian soldiers who mistook her for a Norlandic spy. Einar was now left alone with four young children to raise on his own, and his mina beginning to plummet.

By the time Einar heard of the bounty on Pedro Gonzalez placed on him by the Hyspian Government, He knew immediately He had to jump on the opportunity or live on the streets forever. He left Morsgrad and went to Tierre Natal to gain information on Pedro. After getting a substancial amount of information on his description, Einar set out to bring in the Outlaw. After days of sleepless tracking, He eventually caught up to Pedro on the crossroad between New Reza and the fief belonging to House Barclay. The two engaged in a brief scuffle, in which Einar was victorious. He tied up the outlaw and knocked him cold, proceeding to bring the unconscious Pedro Gonzalez back to Tierre Natal. After being paid, Einar returned to Morsgrad where he fought in the final battle of the Inferi War alongside his fellow Norlanders.


A few years after the Inferi War ended, the Destruction of Arcas began. Einar soon received word that his Nephew (once removed) was trapped in Helena after he received a letter from his distant cousin, asking him to take care of his Son after his death. Heeding his late Cousin's word, Einar made his way through the burning city of Helena. He found his Cousin's manor, discovering his burnt and scarred nephew in the rubble still alive. Einar rescued his Nephew, who was named Godfrey, and made his escape out of the City. Seeing as how Godfrey had no other family to turn to, Einar adopted him as his own Son and took him with his Family on the boat leaving Arcas. Einar loaded his entire remaining family onto the boats and fled Arcas alongside thousands of other Norlanders.

Einar and his Family, along with thousands of other Norlanders, partook in the building of the new capital city of Varhelm. After the completion of the City, he bought and maintained a House in the city which his Family resided in for several years. It was around this time where Einar's adopted Son/Blood nephew Godfrey would move out of Varhelm and settle in Osanora. Einar would visit him regularly in order to keep in contact. In this time the eldest son of Einar would catch a disease and quickly succumb to his disease. Einar and his family would spend several months mourning, however it would not be long until Einar's adopted Son Godfrey would begin suffering from Lung cancer which killed him in a matter of months. Hardly able to handle the loss of two of his Sons, Einar spent several months isolated within his home. After his many months in isolation, he eventually resumed his activities as the family head and began petitioning the Crown to recognize his Family as a noble Clan in Norland.

Final years

Eventually Einar's petition to recognize his Family as a clan of Norland was accepted by the Royal Crown. He purchased a Clan Manor inside the city and began moving out of the old house. After the move was finished, Einar would go about establishing his Clan and resuming his work as a soldier in Norland. A few years later, Einar would finally be promoted within the Northguard. About this time is when Einar would adopt a young Hyspian boy named Cesar Santiago, renaming the boy to Caesar Einarsson Kvitravn. Life would be rather peaceful for the family for five more years until Einar was assigned to a mission to see to missing livestock within the Norlandic village of Elysium.

The investigation led the group of norlandic soldiers into Elysium, where they began questioning the farmers on the disappearance of the livestock. They were eventually pointed to the outskirts and informed that some sort of Monster was responsible for the disappearances. The soldiers went to the outskirts and were quickly engaged by three trolls. Einar and a handful of other Norlandic soldiers became engaged with one troll. Einar was quickly disarmed by the troll's club and Einar began wrestling with the Troll to try and retrieve his sword. After several failed attempts by Einar and the group to bring down the troll, it raised its club and bashed Einar over the head. He fell to the ground and was crushed by the troll after Ivar Stoneheart brought down the troll. This left Einar with a skull fracture, and he was rescued by his comrades after the fight. He did not have much time left to live and began asking for his sons, unaware they were not with him. He soon passed from his injuries a mere 30 minutes after his recovery from the troll, and was brought back to Varhelm on a wagon. His death shook most of the accompanying Norlanders, who believed that he would hopefully survive his injuries. A handful even tried to use a form of magic to return Einar to life, but all attempts failed. His last will and testament was given to his Sons who began organizing his Funeral shortly after. The death of Einar shocked the entirety of the Clan and all who knew Einar, as his death was extremely untimely and unexpected. His death was immediately met by mourning from his Friends, Family, and several of his brothers-in-arms. His title was succeeded by his son Esben, who was reluctant to take it due to not being well prepared or well educated on how to be a ruler. His funeral took place within the Varhelm square, where his body was burned on a funeral pyre to the sight of the spectators present.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Eyvind Kvitravn, Former Heir of Clan Kvitravn 11 Amber Cold, 1775 Dead Unwed Firstborn Son of Einar Kvitravn
Godfrey Bishop, Patriarch of the Bishop Family 11 Amber Cold, 1780 Dead Unwed Adopted Son of Einar Kvitravn, Blood son of Devan Bishop
Esben Kvitravn 11 Amber Cold, 1781 Dead Unwed Secondborn Son of Einar Kvitravn
Olav Kvitravn, Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn 7 Amber Cold, 1783 Dead Unwed Thirdborn Son of Einar Kvitravn
Felix Kvitravn 11 Deep Cold, 1785 Dead Unwed Fourthborn son of Einar Kvitravn
Caesar Kvitravn 11 Amber Cold, 1794 Dead Unwed Adopted Fifthborn son of Einar Kvitravn (Considered to be Bloodborne)