Hali Kvitravn

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Hali Kvitravn
Hali In Armor.jpg
Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn
Tenure: 18 SA-27 SA
Predecessor: Olav Kvitravn
Successor: Emerald Kvitravn
Born: 1 SA, Varhelm, the Kingdom of Norland
Died: 29 SA, Skirmish of the Raenr Mountains
House: Clan Kvitravn
Spouse: Eliza Wolfe-Amaricius
Father: Olav Kvitravn
Mother: Unknown
Children: Emerald Kvitravn (adopted)
Elyssia Kvitravn (adopted)
Erwin Kvitravn (adopted)
Serene Kvitravn (adopted)
Ragnar Kvitravn
Ancelie Kvitravn
Engagements fought: War of Three Kingdoms
Raid on Southbridge
The Forest Interception
Battle of Outer Arentania
Skanarri War
Battle of Ironguard
Battle of Nueva Tierra
Battle of Elysium
Skirmish of the Raenr Mountains

Hali Olavsson Kvitravn, also known as Hali the Warrior or Hali the Restorer, was the only son of Chieftain Olav and the Fourth Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn. Despite his young age, Hali had participated in several wars and battles in his life, including but not limited to the War of the Three Kingdoms and the Skanarri War, the latter being the cause of his early demise during the Skirmish of the Raenr Mountains. He is mostly known for his fighting prowess during his tenure as chieftain, and for bringing his Clan back into the political fold by increasing clan membership significantly.

Early life

Hali Olavsson Kvitravn was born in the year 1 SA in the city of Varhelm to Olav Kvitravn and a commoner Mother who abandoned Olav when Hali was born. His upbringing was mostly calm and warrior-oriented, however his relationship with his Father was somewhat strained as the two never truly spent much time together. Upon Hali reaching the age of 17, he was given the Chieftainship by Olav who proceeded to live a reclusive lifestyle.






Name Birth Death Marriage
Emerald Kvitravn, Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn 1st of The Suns Smile, 4 SA Dead Unwed Adopted Daughter of Hali Kvitravn
Elyssia Kvitravn 9th of Malin's Welcome, 15 SA Dead Unwed Adopted Daughter of Hali Kvitravn
Erwin Kvitravn 10th Amber Cold, 19 SA Dead Unwed Adopted Son of Hali Kvitravn
Serene Kvitravn 10th Amber Cold, 19 SA Dead Unwed Adopted Daughter of Hali Kvitravn
Ragnar Kvitravn 7th of Malin's Welcome, 24 SA Dead Unknown wife Firstborn Son of Hali Kvitravn
Ancelie Kvitravn 11th of the First Seed, 26 SA Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter of Hali Kvitravn